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A Kind of Guise Launches Souvenir Shop of Handcrafted Items

Germany-based label A Kind of Guise has announced its first-ever Souvenir Shop, a non-profit project that complements the wider collection and supports the label's influences from craftsmanship, travel and culture.

Each season, A Kind of Guise travels the world for inspiration for its collections. These approach is extended with the Souvenir Shop, which will feature a curated selection of handmade products from artists, small businesses and craftspeople in the country's highlighted.

The inaugural Souvenir Shop builds on the Spring/Summer 2022 collection's Colombian inspiration, with handmade items sourced from indigenous communities across the country. Items include hand-woven vases and trays from the Wounan tripe, and special hammocks created by the Wayuu community. An extra-large hammock has also been created featuring typical A kind of Guise slogans.

The Souvenir Shop is due to open via the A Kind of Guise web store on Jun 19, and All profits will be donated to Survival International, a non-profit organization that works with indigenous communities.

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