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Bear Walker Revisits Pokémon Collaboration With New Skateboards

As part of an ongoing collaboration, Bear Walker Industries and the Pokémon Center have returned with another set of limited edition wood skateboards. Led by Bear Walker, his eponymous brand has a history of connecting with pop culture franchises including both Marvel and Pokémon, capturing the look of fan favorite characters with his handcrafted boards. Following up on his Pokémon Day release featuring artwork of Mew and Gyarados, Walker chose the Kanto starters of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle alongside his favorite Pokémon, Cubone, to be the subjects of interest this time around.

Each of the four Pokémon find themselves playfully decorated with a thematic backdrop supporting some of their signature poses. While the starters carry a theme tied to their typing, Cubone's lore as the "Lonely Pokémon" is tapped as it embraces a solemn look combined with a nighttime styled background. Specifications of the skateboards include a maple wood construction, a 29-inch size, milled grip pattern and each board comes with matching wheels and trucks.

The four skateboards are available now exclusively via the Pokemon Center in limited quantities at a price of $250 USD.

Elsewhere in the world of design, LEGO has launched its Loop Coaster set.

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