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Designers Imagine a Nuclear-Powered Sky Cruise

A concept video of a nuclear-powered sky hotel has been making its way around the internet, introduced as the super-sized flying "Sky Cruise." Imagined as a real-life castle in the sky, the gargantuan Sky Cruise is designed to accommodate 5,000 people in its hotel with restaurants and bars, a shopping mall, gyms, medical centers, movie theaters, swimming pools, external elevators, event spaces, and a 360-degree observation deck.

Powering the aircraft are 20 electric engines fueled by small nuclear reactors which enable the plane to fly for several years without touching the ground. Supplies and guests are delivered to the hotel via electric commercial aircraft and maintenance is done above the ground. The plane is also designed to be equipped with state-of-the-art anti-turbulence technology which the video narrator equates to ANC.

Originally designed by Tony Holmsten and reimagined by Hashem Al-Ghaili, the Sky Cruise is purely conceptual, and was introduced to help people "take a moment to dream of a future where such stuff could exist." That being said, Alghaili references the current advancements in commercial nuclear fusion research in a post, sharing his belief that the Sky Cruise could "someday roam our skies."

Take a closer look at the animated video above.


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