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LEGO Unveils 2,807-Piece Mighty Bowser Set

LEGO has now unveiled the largest set yet for its LEGO Super Mario series: a 2,807-piece kit of Mighty Bowser. Designed for adults and more experienced builders, the new collectible carries an innovative design that allows the statue to actually move, giving you the ability to control its head, neck, mouth, arms legs, and tail through the press of a button.

Just like the games, he can even launch a fireball. Of course, he also gets his own menacing platform and fire towers.

"Bowser is, quite simply, the ultimate boss – and we’re delighted to announce that we’re introducing this oversized version to the LEGO Super Mario adult line for a little added peril," said LEGO Super Mario's senior designer Carl Merriam. "Since we launched LEGO Super Mario two years ago, we’ve been on such a journey – gradually expanding with the most iconic and recognizable characters of the LEGO Super Mario universe."

For those interested, the new Mighty Bowser set will be available October 1 for $270 USD.

In other things collectible, the toy company has re-created Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum.

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