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Poltrona Frau Teams up with Zuccon to Create Modular Chairs for Yachts

Italian furniture brand Poltrona Frau has created a modular seating system alongside yachting company Zuccon, which features a minimalist frame and cushions in a range of fabrics that render it useful for use below and above deck.

Named the "Jacques Yves", the seating system has been designed for use on yachts and is made up of a number of modular components that allow it to be placed in multiple formations. The chairs' design features boxy lines, with a simple wooden frame that provides support for big, plush cushions. In order to save room, the armrests and seat depth are reduced, while two compartments within the sofa have been designated to storage.

It marks the next instalment between the Italian brand and Zuccon – which "sharpened" after Poltrona Frau CEO Nicola Coropulis observed a gap in the market during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The explosion of the Covid 19 pandemic has undoubtedly sharpened our focus on this business," explained Coropulis, "because boats, and yachts, in particular, are seen as private islands guaranteeing their owners not only comfort but also safety. That is why we have been developing products specifically for the yachting world with Zuccon International Project in Rome, adding value to our offering."

The sofas are upholstered in Poltrona Frau's Pelle Frau leather and other textile fabrics for indoor use, and waterproof fabrics for outdoors. Leather woven sections feature on the backs and sides of the armchairs and wrap around its wooden profiles to ad an element of handcrafted luxury.

In other design news, Milan design collectives Bloc Studios and NM3 have joined forces to create exclusive steel and marble furniture collections, which draw upon the concept of “rarity and uniqueness”.

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