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Children of the Discordance Delivers a Vibrant Patchwork SS23 Collection

Following a preview of Children of the Discordance and UGG's range of collaborative footwear pieces set to release later this year, the Tokyo-based label looks to the nostalgic 90s as inspiration for its Spring/Summer 2023 collection dubbed as "AREA AREA."

Japanese designer Hideaki Shikama revisits his memories of Yokohama which shaped his own identity and in turn influenced his range of patchwork jackets, bests, knits, pants, and bandanas styled in patterns of graffiti and paisley. Yokohama in the 1990s was more than just a city or home to Shikama, but was a place of culture swayed by West Coast persuasion of music, art and cars.

"The main inspiration for SS23 is Yokohama, the city where I was born and raised. I spent the 90s in this city and I incorporated elements of Yokohama 90's culture in every detail of the collection," explained Shikama. "As a harbor town located west of Tokyo, Yokohama is home to American West Coast culture, reggae, and hip-hop. I learned a lot of culture in Yokohama."

Included in the lineup is a collaboration with COSTS as well as Salomon -- taking on the highly-favored XT-6 silhouette. The shoe is designed in parallel with the collection as a paisley base sets the tone with white, black and orange details to add contrast.

"My identity was shaped by graffiti art, pinstriping on custom cars, low riders, skaters, surfers, and hip-hop dance," continued the designer. "All these forms of street culture were naturally coexisting in the city producing a unique and vibrant Japanese subculture."

Take a look at the full CotD "AREA AREA" collection above with more information found on the brand's website.

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