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EDEN Power Corp Debuts New Amadou Tulip Hats Made From Mushrooms

EDEN Power Corp is introducing a new Amadou Tulip Hat which consists of 100 percent amadou felt derived from the fomes fomentarius mushroom. The Canadian label looks to emphasize sustainable solutions in every step of its creative process, and its latest introduction joins past projects including natural wine-dyed clothing and mycelium wine coolers.

The mushroom hats are handmade by local artisans in Corund, Transylvania, a commune in central Romania, featuring 100 percent amadou mushroom felt and deadstock cotton lining. Three standard sizes are offered alongside a made-to-measure option in which prospective buyers can email their sizes. Having introduced mushroom hats in the past, this distinct style was custom-made for EDEN by sewing together multiple amadou parts in a tulip shape.

The Amadou Tulip Hat is now available for purchase on the Eden Power Corp website for $460 USD. A variety of other sustainable products are also available online including recycled cotton tees, hemp water bags, and mycelium planters. For every product purchased on the site, EDEN promises to plant 20 trees as part of Eden Reforestation Projects.

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