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JiyongKim Delivers FW22 Collection With a Release Campaign

Unveiled back in March, JiyongKim's has now delivered its Fall/Winter 2022 collection with a release campaign. The latest seasonal range from South Korean designer Jiyong Kim features an expansive selection of sun-bleached wares that build on the established focus on natural color fading treatment.

The release campaign showcases the developed wares in warm rocky and sandy environments of France, shot by Alexandre Gaudin. The natural lighting accents the silhouettes defined by unique layering, pleating, asymmetric patterns and placement details. JiyongKim's offerings are constructed of sustainable selected vintage and dead-stock textiles exposed to the sun, wind and rain for months to introduce a conversation around the wasteful nature of fashion.

The label's process rejects the large amounts of water and harmful chemicals to produce desired coloration while developing thoughtfully designed clothing.

The first release of JiyongKim's FW22 collection is available now at select shops worldwide.

For more contemporary fashion, 99%IS- celebrates its 10th anniversary with its "VOL.17 "I am 99%. From 1%." collection.

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