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London-Based Streetwear Imprint Corteiz Teases a New Exclusive Drop

London-based imprint Corteiz has had the city in the palm of its hand in recent times. Through its innovative marketing methods and the exclusive drops that come with only a few hours notice, the label's cult following and community is continuing to grow with every release.

Now, the streetwear label - that was recently tipped as one of HYPEBEAST's British brands to keep an eye on - has teased its next capsule collection. Spotted on the official Corteiz Instagram page, a select number of coord hoodie-shorts sets will be available, along with cargo-styled shorts, a varsity jacket, trousers and a newly-introduced duffle bag. Standout styles come from the triple-black hoodie and shorts set where its cozy style welcomes the Corteiz branding across the hoodie's chest and crotch area of the shorts. The varsity jacket brings a revitalised feel to the collection with its bright-white appearance being complemented with an embroidered Corteiz text logo on its back with its customary image logo on the sleeves.

You can see the collection above and it will be available in the coming days on the official Corteiz website.

In other news, Daily Paper and Beats have united for a '90s graffiti-inspired edition of the Studio Buds.

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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