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norda and CIOMORO’s Bespoke RunShelter Jacket Is Made of a Rare, Fully Waterproof Dyneema Composite

The Canadian trail running masterminds at norda are known for their 001 sneaker — a high-end silhouette that combines custom Dyneema and Vibram technologies in its pursuit of being the world's very best trail shoe. However, norda's push for innovation doesn't stop at the 001: they've teamed with London's CIOMORO, another group of technical fabric gurus, to create the RunShelter jacket, a bespoke waterproof shell that's limited to a scant 10 pieces.

The RunShelter wasn't produced in small quantities to garner hype or serve as a "limited" drop. Its production run is small because norda and CIOMORO crafted it from a 1-of-1, custom-made roll of Dyneema fabric and there was only enough material to make 10 individually-numbered units. It's extremely durable — Dyneema is twice as strong as Kevlar and half the weight — and treated with a waterproof membrane that boasts a high breathability rating, meaning that keeping water outside won't mean trapping sweat inside. In layman's terms, it's a material that's allegedly just as water-repellant and far more breathable and durable than GORE-TEX The RunShelter also weighs in at a scant 121 grams (just over a quarter of a pound) and can easily be packed into its own pocket. From a looks standpoint, it's dressed in an airy white with black trim and custom badges for contrast.

"This jacket is a testament to norda and CIOMORO's mutual desire to push the limits of what's possible in trail running," says norda co-founder and ultra-endurance runner Nick Martire. CIOMORO's founder Alasdair Leighton, himself a former professional rower and Savile Row tailor, echos Martire's sentiments, stating "Together we've created something special, which continues [norda's] ongoing pursuit of pushing boundaries with materials, innovation and love."

The norda x CIOMORO RunShelter jacket is available on the norda webstore now via raffle, and retails for $675 USD.

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