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PANGAIA Unveils New Biofabricated Hoodie

PANGAIA has introduced a new limited-edition biofabricated hoodie in partnership with biomaterials manufacturing group Spiber Inc.

Created using Spiber's Brewed Protein fibers and organic cotton, the new piece marks the first hoodies created from this material. Spiber's Brewed Protein is created from plant-derived materials that undergo a unique fermentation process – enabling the materials to be used for a range of applications. Aside from its ability to be molded into different fabrics, the Brewed Protein fibers require less land and water use, in addition to producing lower greenhouse emissions. A part of PANGAIA Lab, which focuses on integrating technology and lifestyle goods, the hoodie represents the first endeavor in a multi-year partnership between PANGAIA and Spiber Inc. to utilize Brewed Protein fibers in several products.

"Spiber’s Brewed Protein fibers will disrupt the way we create fabrics through biofabrication and allow brands to transition away from carbon-polluting materials," said Dr. Amanda Parkes, PANGAIA's Chief Innovation Officer. "The Spiber team shows a deep and impressive commitment to complex innovation; we both were eager to bring this capsule to life through PANGAIA Lab and show the cutting-edge technology is ready to scale."

Limited to 200 units, the hoodie is available now online at PANGAIA for $395 USD.

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