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Prada Wants To Send You to Its 2023 Runway Show With New “Timecapsule” NFT

Prada has announced its third limited-edition NFT Timecapsule Collection, taking place this Thursday, August 4 at 9 AM (ET).

For the past three months, Prada's NFT division - "Prada Crypted" -- hosted a 24-hour digital event that featured exclusive Prada products with matching NFTs. Both June and July's events immediately sold out.

This drop differentiates from the luxury house’s past two Timecapsules, given the unique utilities issued to holders of this month’s collection. In addition to the physical-fashioned products, NFT ownership also affords holders the chance to access a Prada-sponsored trip to Milan, with an invitation to the brand’s spring 2023 Milan-based runway show in September.

In alignment with the previous months theme, Prada's newest NFT collection also includes a gender-neutral patchwork-styled shirt crafted from different archived textiles and prints of Prada’s past work. With only 50 available products, each item contains a serial number and is distributed in a custom wrapping.

Every buyer able to purchase a shirt will receive the corresponding NFT, as well as be automatically submitted for a chance to win a trip to Milan. For fashion enthusiasts, this one-of-a-kind Prada experience seems to be more thrilling than simply receiving a rare t-shirt or collectible.

The Timecapsule NFT Collection emphasizes Prada’s commitment to creating one-off products from upcycled fabric, while discovering ways to interact with its customers inside of the digital setting.

This drop will be available on Prada Crypted and conducted in the same manner as the brand’s previous drops.

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