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Sundae School’s Summer 2022 Capsule Focuses on the Ritual of Finding Inner Peace

For Summer 2022, Sundae School has put together a capsule collection around the familiar story of cannabis unraveling tense emotions and transporting the smoker to enlightenment. Dubbed "Rituals," the range explores a tale through the evolution of clothes from monochromatic to psychedelic. Leading with its established tee offerings, the unique label expands its outlook with trippy textile swimwear.

"The Summer 2022 campaign was inspired by the transition of feeling lonely in a crowd to enlightenment after rituals"  said Sundae School Designer and Campaign Director, Audrey Bark. "This feeling of social freedom is expressed through shooting this campaign from dawn to late afternoon, in order to visually portray literal enlightenment."

Standout offerings include short-sleeve T-shirts marked with graphic prints that range from hand-drawn art to spray paint, adjustable tops and swimwear styles for all sizes. Other notables include Silk Jeogori Sets (tie-based asymmetric suiting inspired by Hanbok - Korean traditional garb) illustrated by Kwangmoo Lee, as well as paisley print pants inspired by Dancheong, a Korean temple pattern, with embroidery details.

"This collection looks back to Sundae School’s first forays into Smokewear, with high-end, structured uniforms designed for recreational consumption and vibrant prints inspired by Korean culture and the ever-expanding fabric of Cannabis subculture," said Sundae School Founder, Dae Lim.

Check out the range above and look for the Summer 2022 "Rituals" capsule collection to be available June 9, 4:20 p.m. EDT on Sundae School's website.

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