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Takara Tomy Arts’s Showy Gacha Backpack Actually Dispenses Capsule Toys

To celebrate Gacha Day (February 17) this year, Takara Tomy Arts has designed a gacha machine that you can wear. Part of the company's "Let's Play Gacha Project" to promote capsule toys, the Showy Gacha backpack is modeled after Takara Tomy Arts' Gacha 2EZ machine.

Aside from functioning as a carrying option, the Showy Gacha can also actually dispense capsule toys like the Gacha 2EZ machine popular with children and adults alike. The bag features a zippered transparent window to view the gacha capsules held inside and a handle mechanism that provides a faithful ratcheting action. The Showy Gacha also comes complete with a set of empty capsules and markings that replicate the stickers found on the actual machine.

Priced ¥9,900 JPY (approximately $75 USD), the Showy Gacha backpack is available now for pre-order on the official Takara Tomy Arts website.

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