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Young Designer Marshall Columbia Presents a Meticulously Self-Reflective Collection for SS22

As a Brooklyn-based designer, Marshall Columbia’s view of culture and self-expression is amplified with each garment that’s created. And using childhood inspiration as a basis for Spring/Summer 2022, the new collection culminates with meticulous self-reflectiveness.

Columbia’s background in costume design shapes the presentation of offerings for SS22, with oversized and layered denim, cut-out sleeves and seams, hand-beaded adornments and off-kilter statement pieces. Vibrant colors include lime green, electric blue and pink, which fill jackets and pants, enlarged shoulder bags, and genderless, edgy racer tops.

As a welcoming logo, the brand has adopted a quirky smiley face as its front-facing graphic – positioned inside of a contrasting star and circle shape. Additionally, strategic fabric slits and subtle quilting details help round out the brand’s inclusive and modern aesthetic.

Speaking about the recent collection and growing up, Columbia says: “I always try and pull from early memories as my initial reference point for a collection. And with my first menswear collection, I’ve been thinking a lot back to when the only thing me and my neighborhood friends would do was skate. Even when we weren’t at the skatepark we were either playing Tony Hawk’s Underground or staying up all night watching skate videos on YouTube.”

“But for me, growing up gay in this environment was also very hard and triggering. Skate culture was very toxic and homophobic, which is a big reason I stopped skating after junior high. So, in this collection, I want to create an environment that I wish I had growing up. What would it look like if the skatepark was an inclusive place?”

More information on Columbia and the new SS22 collection can be found on the brand’s website.

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