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AMD Noise Suppression Technology Is Red Team’s Answer To NVIDIA’s RTX Voice, Powered By Deep Learning

AMD Noise Suppression Technology Is Red Team's Answer To NVIDIA's RTX Voice, Powered By Deep Learning 1

AMD will soon be introducing a new feature within its Adrenalin Software Suite known as Noise Suppression which aims to tackle NVIDIA's RTX Voice. The technology was being kept under wrap till its official introduction but the company accidentally made its introductory video go live ahead of the launch which Redditors were able to grab swiftly.

AMD's Noise Suppression Uses Deep Learning Algorithms & Will Offer NVIDIA's RTX Voice-Like Functionality

NVIDIA introduced its RTX Voice technology with the Ampere lineup two years ago and utilized the Tensor Core technology to suppress and cancel out unwanted noise, intelligently. The tech became a major deal since it launched in midst of the pandemic with several users working from home & students taking online classes. The vast majority of these users relied on built-in microphones or those with sub-standard quality which are cheap and get the job done but you can never get rid of unwanted noise while doing your important work.

As such, NVIDIA devised its RTX Voice feature which helped users run an RTX or GTX GPU to suppress background noise bringing a night and day change into people's life. Now, AMD also plans on strengthening its software suite and the leaked video shows how they are going to be achieving that goal.


The AMD "Noise Suppression" technology aims to let users communicate without distractions. This is achieved through Intelligent Audio enhancement which will be powered by real-time AI or Deep Learning algorithms. The technology will allow noise adjustments both ways, for both input and the output source. One of the main goals for AMD has been to make sure that its features are widely utilized and the company has planned to make Noise Suppression work across various apps and games.

AMD states in the video that the technology is available now so it looks like the feature will be available right at the moment it launches. AMD will definitely provide a detailed guide to enable "Noise Suppression" technology but it should involve a few simple steps to set you up. I am for one definitely excited to see AMD's Software suite expand with technologies similar to its competitor.

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