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AMD Patents Automatic Memory Overclocking Tool For Ryzen CPUs

AMD Patents Automatic Memory Overclocking Tool 'AMO' For Ryzen CPUs

A recent patent delivered by AMD describes an application that can execute memory overclocking automatically for Ryzen CPUs, potentially becoming more user-friendly for enthusiasts. The new tech aims to test the stability of memory modules that have been stressed through overclocking and store memory overclocking profiles locally that would be specified for each user's system.

A new AMD patent suggests an automatic memory overclocking tool for Ryzen CPUs

Overclocking a system's memory is a well-known process that has taken to new light over the last decade. Initially used to check on the level of stability for memory to still process at extreme frequency levels or minimal latencies, now enthusiasts stress their systems to break records and win competitions. Intel presented its eXtreme Memory Profiles, or XMP, settings kept in a module's serial presence to detect the chip and triggered on supporting devices and components in 2007.

Recommended or specific settings and XMP profiles are somewhat conventional to be compatible with a wide range of devices and machines. However, no two users' machines are identical, which leads experienced individuals to explore the level with the highest data transfer rates and the lowest latencies.

The company's automatic memory overclocking technology tries to present intermediate performance specialists with the capability to adjust their memory modules and processors for the highest performance without comprehensive testing on the user's part. The automatic memory overclocking will authorize users to utilize less costly memory with JEDEC standard settings in SPDs to check the overclocking limits themselves. This will allow for incredible performance efficiency without the hassle of manual input.

Settings for memory modules can be configured according to vendor profiles or user input specifications. These profiles are often generated and tested using system configurations differing from a user system. Additionally, user input specifications may be restricted using margins determined and tested using these differing system configurations.

— an exerpt from AMD's recent submitted patent

The new overclocking application from AMD will allow the system to determine overclocked memory frequency settings, departing the test for memory stability, and then selecting the best timing settings to pass the difficulty chosen by the application. After the process, the app will generate a specific profile that possesses the overclocked memory frequency and latency determinations. From then on, the profile will be loaded by the program each time.

AMD published the patent on May 19, 2022. It is unknown when the program will become available for users. Still, it is a reasonable estimation that the new software is being prepared to see use with the new Ryzen 7000 processor series.

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