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Anker’s 65W USB-C Charger is Just $27.99 Right Now

Anker 65W USB-C charger currently $27.99 right now.

Looking for a fast USB-C charger? Anker has a 65W one for sale and it is currently $27.99 right now which is a $6 discount.

Anker's PowerPort III Pod Lite is a 65W USB-C Charger that Tops up Everything at Full Speed, Save $6 on it Without Doing Anything at All

It's amazing to see pretty much every device transitioning to USB-C for charging. This includes phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and more. If you are looking for the one and only charger to top everything up at full speed then Anker has a deal for you which you cannot resist.

The product is called the PowerPort III Pod Lite, quite a mouthful I must say, but the only thing you need to know about this charger is this - it's USB-C and it is able to push out 65W of power whenever needed. That is a lot of headroom for charging devices.

If you think 65W of power will set your device on fire - it will not. Devices these days are extremely intelligent and will only request the needed power to charge up. This also means that you will be charging your USB-C devices at their full potential. If you have a laptop that can charge at 65W, it will happen. A phone that can charge at 30W? This charger is game.

Last but not the least, this charger is made from GaN technology, making it extremely small compared to a similar, regular charger. Thanks to GaN, this charger remains cool as well.

There are no discount codes or coupons needed to bring the price down. Order today so that it ships to you as soon as possible.

Buy USB C Charger, Anker 65W PIQ 3.0 PPS Compact Fast Charger Adapter, PowerPort III Pod Lite - Was $33.99, now just $27.99

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