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Apple Executives Reportedly Got A Sneak Peek At The Company’s AR Headset Last Week

Apple AR headset

The rumored AR headset, likely named ‘Reality Pro,’ is all said to make its debut in the coming weeks. To prepare for its imminent launch, Apple reportedly provided a demo to several executives at the Steve Jobs theater last week.

The company’s top 100 executives were provided with a demo of the AR headset

In Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter that MacRumors spotted, the Bloomberg reporter talks about a ‘momentous gathering’ of key Apple executives that witnessed the company’s AR headset in action. The official announcement is said to be held in June, but it is unconfirmed if the unveiling will happen during Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote. It is possible an AR headset preview is given in a few months, and after that, an official release happens.

As far as the demo goes, Apple executives have been given a sneak peek of the AR headset every year since 2018. However, those early demos were simply miniature previews of the product rather than showcasing the mixed-reality headset’s entire feature set. For 2023, since the head-mounted wearable is said to arrive later this year, Apple’s executives probably saw a demo showing what the AR headset is capable of doing at its fullest.

What is interesting about this update from Gurman is that Apple’s design team earlier said that the AR headset was not ready for a launch this year. However, CEO Tim Cook and Chief Operations Officer Jeff Williams ignored these concerns, likely believing that Apple’s competitors would obtain an advantage against the California-based giant if there was any more delay. The company is also to be under immense pressure to launch the AR headset, but it has not been confirmed which elements are responsible for its hasty release.

Unfortunately, with its rumored $3,000 price tag, the AR headset will likely not be the ‘home run’ that industry watchers expect it to be. Also, with the limited number of units expected to be shipped this year, it appears that the company’s primary goal was to proceed with an early launch to see how well it does with consumers rather than wait for the market to mature in a few years.

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