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Apple is No Longer Signing iOS 16.3 – Can You Jailbreak?

iOS 16.3 signing and iPhone jailbreak

Today, Apple has stopped signing iOS 16.3 after the launch of iOS 16.3.1. This means that you will no longer be able to downgrade from iOS 16.3.1 to iOS 16.3. While this might not be of interest to average iPhone users, those interested in jailbreaking their devices should keep a note. Scroll down to read more details on iOS 16.3 signing and what it means in terms of iPhone jailbreak.

Apple Stops Signing iOS 16.3 following iOS 16.3.1 release, downgrade no longer possible for potential jailbreak

Apple released iOS 16.3.1 with minor changes last week. However, it packed a boatload of bug fixes and performance enhancements for a stable user experience. Today, the company has seen fit to stop signing iOS 16.3. Apple stops signing firmware to prevent users from downgrading. This way users can keep up with the latest features and security updates. However, users interested in iPhone jailbreak sometimes need to downgrade to the previous version, iOS 16.3 in this case.

If you are unfamiliar, iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.3.1 both support Palera1n jailbreak on iPhone 8 and iPhone X. This is because these iPhone models feature a bootrom exploit which means that Apple can not patch it through a software update. On all newer iPhone models, iOS 16.3 or iOS 16.3.1 can not be jailbroken.

iOS 16.3 signing and iPhone jailbreak

Currently, there are no jailbreak tools available for the latest iPhone 14 series. The latest jailbreak was released with support for iOS 16 in December of last year. The jailbreak community is working to bring a working tool to the latest iPhone models. We will keep you guys updated on the latest so be sure to stick around.

As mentioned earlier, average users should not be worried about Apple's decision to stop signing iOS 16.3 update. Moreover, we would recommend you update to the latest iOS 16.3.1 firmware as it houses a plethora of bug fixes and stability improvements. Apple has also seeded the first beta of iOS 16.4 to developers for testing purposes.

This is all there is to it, folks. Are you looking forward to the next big jailbreak release? Let us know in the comments.

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