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Apple May Not Preview AR Headset or realityOS at Upcoming WWDC 2022

Apple May Not Preview AR Headset or realityOS at Upcoming WWDC 2022

A ton of excitement at this year’s WWDC 2022 keynote has a lot to do with the possible preview of Apple’s AR headset, making it the first time the technology giant is stepping into a brand new category. Since the keynote will predominantly have software previews, it would be expected that realityOS, the platform that is baked into the headset, is also given adequate stage time. Unfortunately, one analyst believes that both will not be shown at WWDC 2022 and highlights his reasons below.

Apple May Wait to Launch Both realityOS and the AR Headset, Otherwise, Its Competitors Will Proceed to Make Changes Rapidly

Despite the fact that the term realityOS was recently trademarked, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo does not believe the AR headset or its dedicated software will be shown to the press and other individuals in the coming days. According to Kuo, the head-mounted wearable has not entered mass production yet, suggesting that a final product is yet to reach completion.

Kuo makes some valid pointers on Apple holding off on previewing both its realityOS and the AR headset. For one thing, there would still be months between an official launch of the product, and during that time, Apple’s competitors could copy various aspects of the AR headset, mainly its design, and incorporate it into their own device. The same approach could be applied to realityOS, and pretty soon, we could be looking at various companies launching their augmented reality or mixed reality headset versions before Apple does.

OPPO is already working on launching its first pair of augmented reality glasses this year, followed by Xiaomi, who recently filed a patent for the same wearable. It is also no secret that Apple’s AR headset experienced problems right when its development started seven years ago. A few weeks ago, it was reported that the device was going through some overheating and software issues, forcing Apple to postpone the AR headset’s launch to early 2023. In short, it makes better sense for Apple to hold off the launch of both the product and software after everything is in order.

Then again, WWDC 2022 may hold a surprise entrant, so we will keep our fingers crossed and inform our readers of any updates, so stay tuned.

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