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ASRock Z790 & H770 Motherboards Leak Out, Coming In DDR4 Flavors For Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs

ASRock Z790 & H770 Motherboards Leak Out, Coming In DDR4 Flavors For Intel's Raptor Lake CPUs

ASRock's next-gen Z790 & H770 chipset motherboards have leaked out and will be coming in DDR4 flavors too for Intel's 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs.

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU Ready Z790 & H770 Motherboards From ASRock Leak Out

The motherboard list has been leaked out by Videocardz which includes a total of 12 designs, 9 of which are Z790 and 3 are H770 chipset-powered boards. The Intel 700-series chipset lineup will be including Z790, H770, and B760 series motherboards while H610 will continue to serve the low-tier segment. The motherboards include:

  • ASRock Z790 Taichi
  • ASRock Z790 Pro RS/D4
  • ASRock Z790 PG Lightning
  • ASRock Z790 PG Lightning/D4
  • ASRock Z790M PG Lightning/D4
  • ASRock Z790 PG Riptide
  • ASRock Z790M PG Riptide
  • ASRock Z790-C
  • ASRock Z790-C/D4
  • ASRock H770 PG Lightning
  • ASRock H770 PG Lightning/D4
  • ASRock H770 Steel Legend

As expected, both the Z790 and H770 motherboards will include DDR5 and DDR4 designs. The new boards will support both Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake and 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs. Both CPU lines come with DDR5 and DDR4 support so this much was a given. Intel's Raptor Lake CPUs will also be supported on existing 600-series motherboards so if you plan on replacing your Alder Lake with a new Raptor Lake chip, you can do so easily. There will be BIOS firmware available close to launch & that will let get your motherboard ready for full Raptor Lake support.

So far, Intel's B760 motherboards seem to be missing from the ASRock lineup but it has already been confirmed by BIOSTAR in a previous leak so it's definitely coming.

The Intel Raptor Lake-S chips will also support faster DDR5 memory speeds of up to 5600 Mbps (6500 Mbps LPDDR5(X)) along with retaining support for DDR4 memory as reports suggest. The Intel Raptor Lake CPUs will compete against AMD's Zen 4-powered Ryzen 7000 lineup which is expected to launch on 15th September.

Intel Mainstream Desktop CPU Generations Comparison:

Intel CPU FamilyProcessor ProcessProcessors Cores/Threads (Max)TDPsPlatform ChipsetPlatformMemory SupportPCIe SupportLaunch
Sandy Bridge (2nd Gen)32nm4/835-95W6-SeriesLGA 1155DDR3PCIe Gen 2.02011
Ivy Bridge (3rd Gen)22nm4/835-77W7-SeriesLGA 1155DDR3PCIe Gen 3.02012
Haswell (4th Gen)22nm4/835-84W8-SeriesLGA 1150DDR3PCIe Gen 3.02013-2014
Broadwell (5th Gen)14nm4/865-65W9-SeriesLGA 1150DDR3PCIe Gen 3.02015
Skylake (6th Gen)14nm4/835-91W100-SeriesLGA 1151DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02015
Kaby Lake (7th Gen)14nm4/835-91W200-SeriesLGA 1151DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02017
Coffee Lake (8th Gen)14nm6/1235-95W300-SeriesLGA 1151DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02017
Coffee Lake (9th Gen)14nm8/1635-95W300-SeriesLGA 1151DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02018
Comet Lake (10th Gen)14nm10/2035-125W400-SeriesLGA 1200DDR4PCIe Gen 3.02020
Rocket Lake (11th Gen)14nm8/1635-125W500-SeriesLGA 1200DDR4PCIe Gen 4.02021
Alder Lake (12th Gen)Intel 716/2435-125W600 SeriesLGA 1700/1800DDR5 / DDR4PCIe Gen 5.02021
Raptor Lake (13th Gen)Intel 724/3235-125W700-SeriesLGA 1700/1800DDR5 / DDR4PCIe Gen 5.02022
Meteor Lake (14th Gen)Intel 4TBA35-125W800 Series?LGA 1851DDR5PCIe Gen 5.02023
Arrow Lake (15th Gen)Intel 20A40/48TBA900-Series?LGA 1851DDR5PCIe Gen 5.02024
Lunar Lake (16th Gen)Intel 18ATBATBA1000-Series?TBADDR5PCIe Gen 5.0?2025
Nova Lake (17th Gen)Intel 18ATBATBA2000-Series?TBADDR5?PCIe Gen 6.0?2026

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