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ASUS To Unveil A Brand New NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics Card On 10th May

ASUS has teased the announcement of a brand new NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card at its ROG Pulse livestream on the 10th of May.

ASUS Teases Latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics Card, Unveil Planned For ROG Pulse Livestream On May 10th

The official ASUS Facebook page has posted a picture of a soldier wearing a Camu uniform with a backpack that reads "TUF Gaming". The description states that a new GeForce RTX graphics card is launching soon and the name "TUF OG" is mentioned which is poised for deployment in gaming PCs. ASUS is asking its followers to guess the name of the chipset and the full card name and we can add our own speculation to what this might be but before that, here's the full statement by ASUS:

Hey recruit!

Stand by for a new Geforce RTX™ graphics card! The TUF OG is poised for deployment in your gaming rig...

Guess the chipset and full card name for a chance to win it!

Watch the ROG Pulse livestream for the official unveil and winner announcement:
May 10th, 9 am | New York
May 10th, 3 pm | Berlin
May 10th, 9 pm | Taipei

You may note that ASUS doesn't explicitly state the NVIDIA 40 series but considering this new GPU is launching in 2023, it is definitely going to be part of the Ada Lovelace family. Also, the card will have something to do with the TUF Gaming brand. ASUS already has various GeForce RTX 40 series cards in its portfolio which come in TUF Gaming designs so this might be a new variant under the "TUF OG" branding which features a camo design similar to the vest & uniform worn by the solider in the picture.

In addition to that, NVIDIA is expected to introduce its GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics card later this month so this announcement might have something to do with it. It's been some time since an AIB has teased something like this. ASUS might only unveil the new family at the event but the products might only launch on a later date or align with the RTX 4060 Ti launch which is around Computex. It will definitely be interesting to see what ASUS does with this new design.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba
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