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CLEVO Teases Its Next-Gen X270 Enthusiast Laptop With Intel’s Flagship Arc A770M 16 GB Discrete Graphics

Laptop manufacturer, CLEVO, has teased its next-gen X270 Enthusiast Laptop, claiming it to be the first Intel CPU & GPU Gaming laptop, powered by Alder Lake-H and Arc A770M discrete graphics.

Intel Arc A770M Flagship Discrete GPU To Be Featured Inside CLEVO's X270 Enthusiast Gaming Laptop

CLEVO posted a short teaser video that showcases the X270 Enthusiast Gaming laptop. We don't know how CLEVO came to the conclusion that this is the first Intel CPU and Intel GPU-powered gaming laptop since there are several laptops on the market now that offer such configurations. The most logical explanation is that CLEVO meant the first laptop with an Intel CPU and a high-end Arc GPU but still, the laptop hasn't yet launched so other vendors may come out with their high-end Arc-powered solutions first.

Well, in any case, the CLEVO X270 is definitely the first 'announced' laptop solution that features the Intel Arc A770M discrete graphics chip. This is the flagship Arc GPU for the mobility segment & has some decent specifications.

The Intel Arc A770M GPU will be equipped with the full ACM-G10 configuration, utilizing 32 Xe-Cores for 4096 ALUs, 32 ray tracing units, a graphics clock of 1650 MHz, up to 16 GB GDDR6 memory that operates across a 256-bit wide bus interface, and a TDP target of 120-150W. This is comparable to the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Max-Q variant.

Intel Arc A-Series Mobility GPU Lineup:

Graphics Card VariantGPU VariantGPU DieExecution UnitsShading Units (Cores)Memory CapacityMemory SpeedMemory BusTGP
Arc A770MXe-HPG 512EUArc ACM-G10512 EUs409616 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit120-150W
Arc A730MXe-HPG 384EUArc ACM-G10384 EUs307212 GB GDDR614 Gbps192-bit80-120W
Arc A550MXe-HPG 256EUArc ACM-G10256 EUs20488 GB GDDR614 Gbps128-bit60-80W
Arc A370MXe-HPG 128EUArc ACM-G11128 EUs10244 GB GDDR614 Gbps64-bit35-50W
Arc A350MXe-HPG 96EUArc ACM-G1196 EUs7684 GB GDDR614 Gbps64-bit25-35W

Other than that, the laptop will also rock a high-end Intel Alder Lake-H CPU. CLEVO doesn't seem to be utilizing the higher-end Alder Lake-HX CPUs but that could be done due to power constraints. We have already seen laptops going over 250W with Intel's Alder Lake-HX CPUs and RTX 3080 Ti GPU configurations. So for Alder Lake-H, we can expect up to 14 cores at max versus the 16-cores that the 'HX' lineup offers.

In terms of design, the laptop utilizes a 17.3" Mini LED display panel with a 99Wh battery. The internal cooling includes a 7-Heatpipe cooling solution with dual-fans and CLEVO also seems to be using Liquid Metal TIM (Thermal Interface Material), providing a 10C drop in temps vs a standard heatsink paste solution. I/O includes dual 2-in-1 audio jacks, dual USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, a pair of Thunderbolt 4 ports, an Ethernet LAN port, Mini-DP plus HDMI display outputs on the back along with a DC-in power plug. There's no word on pricing or availability but one can expect the X270 laptop with Intel's Arc A770M graphics chip to launch by the end of 2022 considering the latest delays.

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