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Dreame Introduces DreameBot D10 Plus with 45 Days of Independent Cleaning

dreametech dreambot d10 plus

Dreame Technology, famous for leveraging astrodynamics technologies in its cleaning appliances, is taking the automated cleaning up a notch. The company has just released DreameBot D10 Plus which promises to offer you 45 days of independent, no-fuss cleaning.

While there are many companies currently vying for the top spot in the smart cleaning industry, Dreametech's CEO, Yu Hao's major in computational fluid mechanics sets the company apart, with the "geek" DNA sitting proudly at the center of Dreametech.

Empty the dust bag just 8 times a year with DreameBot D10 Plus!

The latest DreameBot D10 Plus is designed to make hands-free automated cleaning a dream come true. With its convenient auto-empty function that reduces manual interaction of dumping a bag and installing a new one to as little as just 8 times a year, D10 Plus makes hands-free cleaning easily attainable.

Add in an anti-tangle brush design and one of the ickiest parts of smart cleaning is already out! Advanced features like LiDAR navigation, powerful suction, water control, suction control, and several other similarly trailblazing features make DreameBot D10 Plus perfect cleaning equipment for homes with kids and pets.

"Clean more while cleaning less with DreameBot D10 Plus."

Comparing D10 Plus with its competitors, its 2.5L bag is much bigger than the 1.7L dust bag of the iRobot i3 or the 2.25L of the Shark RV1001AE IQ dust bucket. With DreameBot, it's also not just about the size but about the tech, as well. D10 Plus minimizes disruption by quietly emptying the dust box and also leverages DualBoost technology that provides efficient dust collection by blowing and suction via two air circulation paths to take in the dirt, remove and lock in odors, and prevent clogging.

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The entire duct is sealed and air-tight which results in complete cleaning of the dust box without triggering anyone's allergies during the process. All of this adds in to offer you 45 days of hands-free, truly automated cleaning.

Other kinda expected features of DreameBot D10 Plus

  • High-performance LiDAR navigation: accurately maps your home and avoids obstacles - efficient performance even in rooms with more closely spaced furniture.
  • Scans an 8-meter (26-foot) radius and uses LiDAR navigation and a SLAM algorithm for dynamic mapping and intelligent route planning.
  • Intelligent carpet detection that adjusts suction pressure up to a max 4,000Pa.
  • Adjustable water control: set your water usage to wash your floors exactly the way you want with three water volume options.
  • Other routine features like cleaning modes, virtual walls, cleaning frequency no-go zones, schedules, multiple floor maps, and more.
  • 5,200mAh large-capacity battery for continuous, large-scale cleaning up to 270m2 (2,906ft2).
  • 20mm (0.78in) obstacle-crossing and anti-dropping technology.
  • App control; Alexa, Google Home supported.

Led by Hao, Dreametech's R&D and product teams make up to 80% of the company's staff, focusing primarily on the key technology development and problem-solving more than marketing or sales, as has become a routine for most new companies. This intense focus on R&D definitely benefits the consumer since the company manages to successfully and continuously solve problems and deliver smart cleaning products for the future.

Availability, pricing, and early bird offer on DreameBot D10 Plus

The DreameBot D10 Plus carries a retail price of just $499, which is a steal when you compare it with the pricing of other smart cleaners with the auto-empty feature. Dreametech is also offering an early bird discount of $100, which brings the price down to only $399.99 making it quite a must-buy.

If you purchase D10 Plus from Amazon until July 7, you will also get 3 FREE dust bags from the official website (click here to get more details on that).

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