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ECOVACS Brings All-in-One Vacuuming and Mopping in One Go with Its N8 Pro+ [$200 Prime Day Discount]

ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro+ is surprisingly going on the Prime Day offer with a massive $200 discount. This is the latest product from ECOVACS bringing technologies like the dToF laser sensor and TrueDetect 3D making Deebot N8 Pro+ able to vacuum and mop in one go! You read that right... no need for multiple cleaning sessions to vacuum and then mop the floors.

N8 Pro+ also features a new fan moto design with added glass fiber to maintain durability and, more importantly, to keep the low noise level. This design results in a "calmer" product that can vacuum at 2600Pa without disturbing the whole family.

ECOVACS is setting a new standard in effective, automated cleaning – designed from the ground up for people who want to live smart and be more efficient with their time and energy. Pioneered by ECOVACS, Deebot can vacuum and mop hard floors in a single go, thanks to Ozmo technology's auto-carpet detection and water flor control. This tech-forward model with increased suction capabilities and an included Auto Empty Station is the perfect cleaning product in the mid-tier category that gets you automated cleaning without compromising on specs, quality, durability, or features.

Unlike several other companies that have paired entry-level robots with the auto-empty station to get mid-tier pricing, ECOVACS has developed the smart vacuum cleaner from the ground up with uncompromised performance and cleaning capabilities providing months of maintenance-free cleaning.

TrueMapping is the latest laser mapping and navigation system that scans the floor with a 360-degree sweep to plan the most efficient cleaning path while creating and saving a precise, interactive map of your floor. No more unnecessary bumping into the furniture and walls.

Just set your robot for success by following these few helpful points:

  • Open all doors so it can find all the rooms and areas you want routinely cleaned.
  • Tidy up and clear any obstacles like cables, clothes, or small toys on the floor. N8 Pro+ detects and avoids obstacles, so you don't need to clean before any future cleanups.
  • Click the blue button on the DEEBOT menu to start your vacuum and let it run without interruption.
  • Make sure to not pick or move the DEEBOT during this first run because it will lose the map and will need to start over.
  • Once N8 Pro+ is done and has returned to the Auto-Empty Station, you will get a notification in the app and can save the map. Need to clean multiple levels? Just move it and save it as a new map.

Once you follow these simple steps for the first run, your ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ will be your best cleaning partner capable of avoiding obstacles and performing energy-saving efficient cleanups.

Some of its specs and features include:

  • Label your rooms and areas
  • Custom clean settings for specific rooms
  • Area cleanings for those hectic mornings that need the kitchen table area to be cleaned quickly
  • Go and no-go zones
  • Scheduled cleanings
  • TrueMapping tech can scan, map, and plan an efficient cleaning path with 4x the accuracy and 2x the coverage with detection distance up to 10 meters for objects that are as small as two millimeters, powered by industry-leading dToF technology
  • Smart charge with continuous cleaning
  • Carpet Boost and Detection
  • No need to remove cables, toys, or pens because N8 Pro+ will detect and avoid any obstacles, even if small
  • Hands-free voice control
  • Ozmo mopping system enables vacuum and mop in one go and removes over 99% of bacteria based on the test result from Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center Japan

Head over to Amazon and get this brilliant cleaning product for just $399.99 with a $200 instant discount on the retail price of $599.99, thanks to Prime Day 2022.

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