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Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Battery Life May Be Affected By How Samsung Designed The Front Speaker

Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max

The Galaxy S23 Ultra can easily hold its own against the iPhone 14 Pro Max in straight-up battery endurance, showing that Samsung did a ton of things right with its latest flagship. However, there are ways in which a company may have unknowingly been responsible for degrading the battery and that is through the speaker cutout. Here, we talk about how this is possible.

A smaller speaker belonging to the Galaxy S23 Ultra means that it is improperly vented, leading to worse battery life - Same goes for the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Samsung’s latest flagship was keeping up with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, according to a battery test video uploaded by the YouTube channel PhoneBuff. David Rahimi states that both the devices’ display and speakers have been calibrated so that the test can be done as fairly as possible. However, there are some variables that you cannot change, and that is in the speaker cutout’s size.

Rahimi says that the earpiece on the Galaxy S23 Ultra is extremely thin, meaning that they are not well-vented either. Samsung likely followed this approach to prevent unnecessary dust and grime from getting into that open space and degrading call and audio quality over time. Then again, the drawback here is that the phones may have to pump out a higher volume from those speakers in order to match the same level of perceived volume, which may explain why the iPhone 14 Pro Max slowly gains the lead in the test when social media apps start to run.

Owners of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max can rectify this by choosing to listen to content at a lower volume. Both flagships already have high-quality speakers, but some users might have different preferences. For instance, a few of you might choose to increase the speaker volume because you want to listen to the audio with more clarity.

In any case, this can adversely affect battery life, though Samsung can mitigate this problem through several ways, of which one of them is using a larger battery than a 5,000mAh cell currently running in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. We believe that both Samsung and Apple will most likely find this a non-issue, with both technology giants pushing forward in using other energy-efficient components for their new flagships, the Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max, to last longer.

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