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Google Play Turns 10 with a New Logo and 10x Play Points Bonus

Google Play Turns 10 with a New Logo and 10x Play Points Bonus

In March of 2012, Google decided to rebrand Android Market to Google Play, and today, to mark 10 years, Google is introducing a new logo for the Play Store, along with 10x Play Points booster to celebrate 10 years.

In terms of the stats, the Play Store is used monthly by  “more than 2.5 billion people in over 190 countries” with 2 million app developers. It is found on Android phones, tablets, Wear OS watches, Android/Google TV sets, Chromebooks, as well as Android Automotive cars.

Think back to 2012 — “Call Me Maybe” was on top of the music charts, Instagram had just turned one, and “Venmoing” wasn’t a mainstream verb yet. Android — with its mission to make mobile computing accessible to everyone, everywhere — was just a few years old.

Since then, Google has decided to ditch music along with movies and television shows to focus strictly on Android apps, games, and audiobooks.

Google is Celebrating 10 Years with a New Google Play Logo and a Throwback to a Lot of Things From the Past Decade

The new Play Store logo is supposed to better reflect the "magic of Google and matches the branding shared by many of our helpful products -- Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, and more." For those wondering, the new logo leaked ahead of lunch but we are not seeing it officially on or other Android apps just yet.

The triangle features more rounded corners while the four sections have better spacing. For starters, the blue, red, yellow, and green are now changed and have muted hues as well.

Additionally, as a thank you for 10 years, Google is giving Play Points members which now are 100 million, “10x points on everything they buy by activating a points booster.”

The official start date varies by country — visit the “Earn” tab of Play Points Home to learn more.

You can actually click the link above or tap your profile picture in Google Play app, and then go to Play Points to start earning 10x for 24 hours. The Play Store also introduced a way that you can use points to pay for applications, as well as in-app purchases. Meanwhile, users also have the ability to use the points to get discounts.

You can read all about the new Google Play Store logo and everything else in between here.

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