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Hands-Free Cleaning? Affordable Cleaning? Allergy-Free Cleaning? Get That and More with Roborock’s Prime Day Discounts

Roborock's Prime Day offers are live, with discounts on over 11 products, bringing up to $239.99 in savings. Whether you need an entry-level cleaner, a mid-tier trusted chore partner, or a high-level, fully-automated solution, you are sure to get something that meets your specific needs and budget thanks to the ongoing reduced prices.

You can check out all the discounts that are currently valid over in our earlier piece with links that take you directly to Amazon to make the purchase. Need more in-depth details? Here are some of our favorite Roborock products in different price categories that continue to consistently win over homeowners.

($349.99, $549.99) Roborock S5 Max: the robovac that is refusing to be dethroned!

This is the smart vacuum cleaner that has been winning hearts for over several years, and no other robot vacuum cleaner has even come closer to the popularity of the S5 Max. It's almost become synonymous with the company name, having gained popularity from Australia to China, Europe to the United States, and everywhere else.

Roborock S5 Max was one of the first robovacs that introduced intelligent automated mopping using a high-capacity water tank and electric water flow control. The customization that S5 Max offers is truly astounding with scheduled cleaning, multiple suction levels for different areas, and of course, the no-go zones, virtual barriers, spot cleaning, and more.

Head over to Amazon for the complete specs list, reviews, and more.

S5 max
roborock s5 max specs

($709.99, $949.98) Roborock S7+: Take on seasonal allergies with S7+, the result of the pandemic-induced cleaning needs with 8 weeks of hands-free cleaning

For over two years, a significant chunk of the global population has had to retreat, stay indoors, and work/study from home due to the COVID pandemic. This resulted in an unprecedented need to keep the house clean, putting an increasing burden on the homeowners. Roborock's R&D team upped the automated cleaning game, introducing the Roborock S7 series with an auto-empty module and intelligent mopping.

Featuring one of the fastest sonic mops on the market with an intelligent automatic lift, this isn't your regular drag-a-wet-mop-around robovac. Roborock S7+ brings an effective but simpler cleaning experience that can transition between hard floors and carpets without any interruption. Add in the 5200mAh battery, 600g mop pressure, and 2500Pa HyperForce suction, and you get yourself a nonstop powerhouse of a cleaner!

Roborock has successfully reinvented the future of automated cleaning, and now you can get your hands on Roborock S7+ at a discount thanks to the Prime Day promotions.

Alternatively, if the budget doesn't allow for this purchase at the moment, you can get all the goodness of S7+ with S7 for just $429.99 (which is the same robovac just without the Auto Empty Dock) and add the Dock separately in the future.

roborock smart vacuum and mop black friday 2021

($489.99, $699.99) Roborock Q5+, bringing all the fanciness of the S7 at mid-range pricing

Roborock Q5+ is a surprise addition to the Prime Day offers, considering it has "just" been launched a couple of months back. With Q5+, the robovac maker is aiming to make auto-emptying robovacs a staple of every house. "We believe auto-emptying and dock compatibility are 'must-haves' in robot vacuums," Richard Chang, CEO and Founder of Roborock said. "Besides the obvious benefit of reduced manual emptying, customers are less likely to be exposed to allergens."

The Q series brings all the proven features of the flagship S series but makes automated cleaning an affordable luxury for most homes.

"We'll make all future Roborock robot vacuums compatible with this feature, and with this new mid-range Q series, we hope to bring this convenience into more homes."

This "affordable luxury," as Roborock puts it, is now even more affordable thanks to a $210 discount on this very latest robovac, valid until the 13th. Head over to Amazon for more details.

roborock Q5+
roborock q5+

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