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Hapwr Powermate – The One Charger to Rule Them All

Hapwr Powermate - The One Charger to Rule Them All

We all know the fact that GaN chargers have become all the rage these days. This is understandable because GaN chargers are a lot smaller in size, and at the same time, they can carry a lot of power. So, if you have been looking to carry a charger that is powerful and compact at the same time, then a good GaN charger is the way to go and this is where Hapwer Powermate comes into play, the one charger to rule them all.

The Hapwr Powermate is an Excellent Overall GaN Charger with Enough Juice to Charge All Your Devices

But what exactly is a GaN charger? For those wondering, Gallium Nitride or GaN is a semiconductor material; it is not naturally occurring and was a bit more expensive to manufacture in the past but over the past couple of years, it has become a lot cheaper, and this has allowed companies to manufacture powerful GaN chargers and selling them at competitive prices. Sure, GaN chargers are still a bit more expensive but for the price you are paying, you get excellent chargers such as the Hapwr Powermate, a charger that has become my daily driver ever since I got my hands on it.

Hapwr Powermate

The Hapwr Powermate I have my hands on is a travel charger that you can also use as a desktop charger. It is available in two variants; you get to choose from a 105W variant and a 145W variant based on your requirements.

Now, the reason why I like Powermate is that, unlike conventional chargers where you have a single brick that plugs into the wall, you have a plug attached to a wire that goes in the wall, the 1.5m long, durable able extend to the actual unit where you get access to a number of ports that you can use to charge various devices.

You have an extra AC connector for appliances and other devices such as a laptop, two USB Type-C ports, one USB Type-A port, and an HDMI port. So, technically, you can use the charger and charge your laptop, smartphone, and wearable all at the same time, and that too, without a hassle.

The entirety of the housing of the unit is made from high-quality aluminum, so the charger feels very solid. You can simply just go ahead, plug it in, and forget about the fact that you actually have a charger.

The best thing here is that the charger meets all the standards of different smartphone manufacturers, so you are getting compliance with the latest QuickCharge technology as well as all the charging technologies from Samsung and other companies.

I have been using the Hapwr Powermate ever since I got my hands on the charger and it has become my go-to charger when it comes to situations where I have to charge all my devices at once -- charging my HP Envy 13, my Galaxy S22 Ultra, and my Galaxy Buds Pro has never been an easier task.

Now, I am not saying that this charger is perfect. My only gripe with this otherwise perfect charger is that there is no way to detach the cord from the charging unit itself. I do understand that it might sound nitpicky, at best. But for a charger that revolves around being convenient and easy to carry, this certainly is an issue that some people might have with it.

Overall, I would say that the Hapwr Powermate is an excellent charger. The 105W variant that I have has become my perfect companion when it comes to being a desktop charger, and thanks to the carrying case that it comes with, I can even carry it around without having to worry about anything. If you are in the market looking for a powerful GaN charger, this is the one that you need to pick up.

You can learn all about the charger by heading over here.

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