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Innosilicon’s Fantasy 3 GPU To Feature Ray Tracing Support & High-End Options

Innosilicon is working on its first Ray Tracing GPUs, the Fantasy 3 for the Chinese-domestic market. (Image Credits: ITHome)

Chinese domestic GPU maker, Innosilicon, announced its Fantasy 2 GPUs yesterday, featuring an entry-level and low-power design but it looks like the company has completed the development of its next-gen Fantasy 3 GPU too.

Next-Gen Innosilicon Fantasy 3 GPU To Feature High-End Options With Ray Tracing Support

With the Fantasy 2 GPU, Innosilicon took a step back but in return, the managed to approach a wider market base. The Fantasy 2 GPU can be used in all modern appliances, ranging from PCs, laptops, and AI Computing too. But Innosilicon has stated that they aren't stopping there.

During the press conference which was held after the launch event for the Fantasy 2 GPU, the company stated that it has already completed the research and development of its Fantasy 3 graphics processors. Some key selling points of the Fantasy 3 GPUs will be that they will offer higher-end options and ray tracing capabilities.

While Ray Tracing has been out in the market since 2018 (starting with the launch of NVIDIA's first RTX 20 series graphics cards), this will be a huge milestone for the domestic Chinese GPU market.  Based on the reports, almost 4-5 years after the first consumer ray tracing graphics cards made it to the market, Chinese users will have something that offers the same tech designed by their own companies. And since Ray Tracing is a very taxing feature for GPUs, Innosilicon plans to develop a full-fledged high-end lineup while also making certain low-power variations.

Innosilicon also plans to offer its first 5nm optical tracking technology by 2022 and it also looks like the company is planning the release of Fantasy GPUs across the globe and don't want them to be limited just to the Chinese domestic users. That's definitely going to be a huge deal for the Chinese chip maker and we can't wait for their next updates regarding the Fantasy series of GPUs.

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