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Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile GPUs now fully supported in Vulkan 1.3

Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile GPUs now fully supported in Vulkan 1.3 1

At the beginning of this year, it was announced by the Khronos Group the specifications for the Vulkan 1.3 API. While some graphics card companies immediately jumped onto Vulkan API support through their in-house drivers, several GPUs were absent due to release dates and setbacks. Intel did have their UHD and Iris Xe iGPUs offering support for Vulkan 1.3. The Arc Alchemist mobile GPU line is now present, providing support for the current API.

Complete Vulkan 1.3 compatibility officially added to Intel Arc Alchemist mobile series

Now that the Arc Alchemist series, also known as the Intel Xe-HPG line, is present with Vulkan 1.3 API support, we continue to wait for the desktop Arc series to appear on the Vulkan 1.3 support. The following graphics cards from the Intel Arc line are currently on the Khronos Group website: A350M, A370M, A550M, A730M, and A770M. Interestingly enough, the A350M, A370M, and A730M are currently available, while we are still awaiting the A550M and A770M to the support list.

Intel Arc Mobile SKUs made recently compatible by Khronos Group for Vulkan 1.3. Source: Khronos

The Intel Xe-HPG line offers high-performance, focused on data center and cloud inference, along with artificial intelligence. The Xe-HPG series is Intel's most optimized iGPU to date.

The Intel Arc 3370M is the entry-level and power-optimized family using the ACM-G11 GPU. It utilizes the full GPU config & 8 Xe Cores (1024 ALUs), eight ray tracing units, 1550 MHz graphics clock, 4 GB of 64-bit GDDR6 memory, and a TDP range of 35-50W. This chip would be tackling the GeForce RTX 3050 series.

The Intel Arc A350M features 6 Xe cores (768 ALUs), six ray tracing units, 1150 MHz graphics engine clock, a 4 GB 64-bit bus interface, and a TDP range of 25-35W, which is going to aim at the entry-level MX500 series options from NVIDIA.

Intel's Arc A730M GPU showed comparable performance to an NVIDIA RTX 3070. However, when it comes to gaming results, the version is only a narrow space faster than the RTX 3050. Now that the full line of mobile Arc Alchemist SKUs is available for Vulkan 1.3 support, it is speculated that the desktop Arc series should appear shortly on the Khronos Group's list.

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