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Intel Lancaster Sound Data Center GPUs To Succeed Arctic Sound-M GPUs, Planned For 2023+

Intel Lancaster Sound Data Center GPUs To Succeed Arctic Sound-M GPUs, Planned For 2023+

Intel has confirmed that its next-generation Lancaster Sound GPUs will be succeeding the existing Arctic Sound M Data Center GPU lineup.

Intel's Lancaster Sound Data Center GPUs To Feature Next-Gen Xe Architecture, Succeeding Arctic Sound M In 2023+

Originally, the Intel Arctic Sound lineup was expected to feature the Xe-HP GPU SKUs but that plan was dropped, and instead, the blue team resorted to using its Xe-HPG GPUs within the Arctic Sound M lineup.

The dropped Arctic Sound GPU series would have showcased three different graphics cards based on a tiled architecture accessing as high as 128 Xe-Cores or 512 Execution Units. Intel never advertised the particular series to the public, and The company made no announcements or dates. Under the codename Lancaster Sound, there is heavy speculation that the company utilizes the architecture for other means.

Intel Xe HP 'Arctic Sound' GPUs (Now Cancelled)

GPU NameIntel Neo 1-TileIntel Neo 2-TileIntel Neo 4-Tile
GPU FamilyIntel Xe-HPIntel Xe-HPIntel Xe-HP
GPU Process10nm SuperFin10nm SuperFin10nm SuperFin
Max Compute Units512 EUs1024 EUs2048 EUs
Max Core Count4096 Cores8192 Cores16,384 Cores
Core Clock1300 MHz (Demo)1300 MHz (Demo)1300 MHz (Demo)
FP32 Compute10.5 TFLOPs (Demo)21.1 TFLOPs (Demo)42.0 TFLOPs (Demo)
Memory BandwidthTBATBATBA

Intel utilized Xe-HPG architecture, seen in gaming graphics, and DG2-based GPUs, which became the Arctic Sound-M family of pictures. Currently, two products are listed, one featuring the ACM-G10 GPU and the other featuring two separate ACM-G11 graphics. Intel promotes the graphics cards as "flexible data center GPUs offering an impressive media streaming ability.

Leaker SteakisGood discovered the information above on Twitter. The official video clip from the company shows for a fraction of a second the roadmap for upcoming silicon technologies by Intel.

No information has been discovered or promoted by any leakers or the company itself. There is the assumption that either Intel will use the Xe-HPG GPU series for Lancaster Sound or may attempt to create a new architecture. It would be a waste for the company not to reuse the technology in a more recent product, so they may try to save overhead by going with previous architecture. However, if the company did use new tech, it is possible that the Arc Battlemage series, using the Xe2-HPG architecture, could be the replacement. We might hear more about Lancaster Sound as we enter 2023.

Intel Data Center Mainstream GPU Lineup

GPU FamilyIntel Xe-HP (1st Gen)Intel Xe-HPG (1st Gen)Intel Xe-HP(G) (2nd Gen)
GPU SegmentDatacenter & WorkstationDatacenter & WorkstationDatacenter & Workstation
GPU GenGen 12Gen 12Gen 13
Process NodeTSMC 6nmTSMC 6nmTBA
GPU ProductsArctic SoundArctic Sound MLancaster Sound
Specs / DesignUp To 128 Xe CoresUp To 32 Xe CoresTBA
Memory SubsystemGDDR6GDDR6TBA

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