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Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake-P Mobility CPUs With 14 Cores Spotted

An entry within the latest Linux boot log has revealed a distinct Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake-P CPU that may offer as many as 14 cores.

Intel's 14th Gen Meteor Lake-P Mobility CPU Show Up In Linux Boot Logs With Up To 14 Cores

Discovered by Coelacanth-Dream within the Sound Open Firmware (SOF) project within Github that was uploaded by Intel's Fred Oh, there is a single Intel Meteor Lake-P CPU that is listed within the Meteor Lake-P (Family: 0x6, Model: 0xAA, Stepping: 0x0) database. The CPU shows up as a 'Genuine Intel (R) 0000' model which is used to identify Engineering Samples (ES) and has a base clock of 1.2 GHz.

As detailed previously, the Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake-P CPU sample doesn't feature any support for AVX-512. The CPU sample was detected three times in three different Bootlogs with two types of patterns, one with 16 logical cores and the other with 20 logical cores. To get to 16 cores, Intel has to offer a 6 P-Core and 4 E-Core configuration which means 8 physical cores and 16 threads (logical). The max configuration is a 6 P-Core and 8 E-Core configuration which gives us 14 cores & 20 threads.

Intel Meteor Lake-P Mobility CPU With 14 Cores Spotted Within Linux Bootlog (Image Credits: Coelacanth-Dream):

From what I can tell, this is Intel testing out a very early Meteor Lake-P Mobility CPU sample which should be apparent from the lower clock speeds. Intel's 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs are expected to launch next year and will rock two brand new core architectures which were recently confirmed as Redwood Cove for the P-Cores and Crestmont for the E-Cores.

There will be a list of other core IPs on board the quad-tiled chips such as the tGPU (Tiled-GPU) which will feature Arc-level graphics architecture which is expected to be fabricated on TSMC's 3nm process node while the CPU cores will rely on the Intel 4 (aka 5nm) process node and support for up to LPDDR5X-7467 memory. The following is the full list of features to be expected from Intel's 14th Gen family:

13th Gen Meteor Lake Mobility CPU Lineup Expected Features:

  • Triple-Hybrid CPU Architecture (P/E/LP-E Cores)
  • Brand New Redwood Cove (P-Cores)
  • Brand New Crestmont (E-Cores)
  • Up To 14 Cores (6+8) For H/P Series & Up To 12 Cores (4+8) For U Series CPUs
  • Intel 4 Process Node For CPU, TSMC 3nm For tGPU
  • Intel Battlemage 'Xe-LPG' GPU With Up To 128 EUs
  • Up To LPDDR5X-7467 & DDR5-5200 Support
  • Up To 96 GB DDR5 & 64 GB LPDDR5X Capacities
  • Intel VPU For AI Inferencing With Atom Cores
  • x8 Gen 5 Lanes For Discrete GPU (Only H-Series)
  • Triple x4 M.2 Gen 4 SSD Support
  • Four Thunderbolt 4 Ports


Once again, the consumer launch schedule states a 2H 2023 release date while the Corporate SIPP is planned for 2023.

Intel Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU FamilyMeteor LakeRaptor LakeAlder Lake
Process NodeIntel 4 '7nm EUV'Intel 7 '10nm ESF'Intel 7 '10nm ESF'
CPU ArchitectureHybrid (Triple-Core)Hybrid (Dual-Core)Hybrid (Dual-Core)
P-Core ArchitectureRedwood CoveRaptor CoveGolden Cove
E-Core ArchitectureCrestmontGracemontGracemont
Top Configuration6+8 (H-Series)6+8 (H-Series)6+8 (H-Series)
Max Cores / Threads14/2014/2014/20
Planned LineupH/P/U SeriesH/P/U SeriesH/P/U Series
GPU ArchitectureXe2 Battlemage 'Xe-LPG'Iris Xe (Gen 12)Iris Xe (Gen 12)
GPU Execution Units128 EUs (1024 Cores)96 EUs (768 Cores)96 EUs (768 Cores)
Memory SupportDDR5-5600
LPDDR5X - 7400+
Memory Capacity (Max)96 GB64 GB64 GB
Thunderbolt 4 Ports422
WiFi CapabilityWiFi 6EWiFi 6EWiFi 6E
Launch2H 20231H 20231H 2022

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