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iPhone SE 4 Could Fit In Your Existing iPhone 14 Case, Claims Latest Rumor, But Is Said To Feature An Older SoC

Apple's low-cost iPhone SE 4

Apple has been reported to give the upcoming iPhone SE 4 the biggest cosmetic change after three generations. The compact design with the home button is expected to be a thing of the past, with one rumor claiming that the low-cost handset can fit inside an iPhone 14 case. Unfortunately, it might be running an older-generation chipset, but that decision would likely be made to keep the price down.

iPhone SE 4 is rumored to use A15 Bionic, the same chipset running in the iPhone SE 3

The A15 Bionic currently powers the current-generation iPhone SE, and according to @SiliconSong on Twitter, the iPhone SE 4 could be treated to the same hardware. However, one little bit of information he forgot to mention was if the A15 Bionic version used on the newer model would be the higher-binned one or not. In case you forgot, Apple introduced a higher-performing version of the SoC, which features a 5-core GPU, but that was reserved for the more expensive iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The same chip founds its way to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, but it should be noted that the A15 Bionic running in the iPhone SE 3 features a 4-core GPU. We believe that since the iPhone SE 4 will practically share the same design as the iPhone 14, it could share the same chipset too. On the plus side, the new low-cost model could offer a USB-C port instead of Lightning, making it less of a hassle to charge it.

It should be fairly easy for Apple to order separate quantities of USB-C ports and have them soldered to the logic board instead. As for the display, the information on Twitter mentions BOE as a supplier, which we reported about yesterday, stating that the Chinese firm will reportedly provide Apple with 20 million OLED panels for the iPhone SE 4. With the LTPS OLED panels costing $40 a unit, Apple could be paying BOE a large sum of $80 million for the entire supply.

There is also the possibility of this iPhone featuring Apple’s custom 5G modem, so with the exception of the A15 Bionic, everything else looks extremely promising about the iPhone SE 4. While we would have loved to see the more powerful and efficient A16 Bionic running in this version, we understand Apple’s potential move from a business perspective. In any case, we advise our readers to treat this information with a pinch of salt.

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