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It Can Run Crysis! Chinese MTT S80, The Only PCIe Gen 5 GPU, Runs DX9 & DX10 Games Well

Image source: Löschzwerg (Twitter) via VideoCardz.

Moores Threads, a Chinese GPU maker, recently launched its MTT S80 graphics card designed for general-purpose computing. While gaming isn't the focus of this particular GPU, it is a stepping stone in the development of powerful gaming and AI graphics in the Chinese domestic segment.

The World's First PCIe Gen 5 GPU From China Can Indeed Run Crysis, MTT S80 Shown Running Multiple Games

The graphics card was never released outside of China, and the only outlets that submitted reviews did not delve deep into the details, including gaming benchmarks. Now Twitter fellow, Löschzwerg (@Loeschzwerg_3DC on Twitter) has posted various benchmarks and gaming tests of the MTT S80 GPU along with a confirmation that it can indeed run Crysis.

The user received his MTT S80 GPU on the 1st of February which was equipped on a test system with Intel's Core i5-10400 CPU and a B560M-HDV motherboard. The card features a single 8-pin connector (EPS 12V) to boot. The Moore Threads MTT S80 is purely focused on gamers. It features 4096 MUSA streaming cores and runs at 1.8 GHz, providing users with 14.4 TFLOPs of compute performance. While gaming is its focus, the graphics card can also be used for 3D rendering and AI processing.

Löschzwerg tweeted that the original Crysis game was being played using the Moore Threads MTT S80 graphics card and DirectX 9 (D3D9) but also pointed out that it was only "for the moment." With Crysis being such a graphically intense game, one of the most notable games, it understands why the comment was made.

When the card launched, it only supported 60 games, primarily titles found in the Chinese marketplace, and several of those titles are not graphically intensive. One recent benchmark tested League of Legends, but several other labels the company advertised are several years old, such as Risk of Rain, Dead Cells, and more.

Image source: Löschzwerg (Twitter) via VideoCardz.

It uses 3DMark03 for benchmarking the MTT S80 graphics card. Compared to the Intel Arc A770 GPU, the graphics card performed less than thirty-five to sixty-four percent. Granted, the Intel Arc A770 utilizes 16GB of VRAM and newer technology than the MTT S80 GPU, so it is not surprising that the Intel graphics card was superior. The reason that the 3DMark03 benchmarking software was used was that it supports the MTT S80's technology. The particular benchmark is not used for gaming, especially newer titles.

Image source: 3DCenter via VideoCardz.

Moore Threads developers are working towards more support in today's technology advancements and a more extensive library of gaming titles. The process is not as fast as larger companies, but the company does try to improve as quickly as possible. The most recent graphics driver, version 200.2, was released three months after the graphics card launch. The most critical issue that reviewers and users find is idle power consumption. Chinese reviewers and Löschzwerg mention that the consumption level is around 110W, which has been present since the graphics card launch.

Once again, this is just a stepping stone and while Chinese GPU makers have a long way to go to catch up with well-known GPU vendors such as NVIDIA, AMD & Intel, the MTT series is a good start.

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