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KIOXIA Unveils Next-Gen Enterprise PCIe Gen 5 SSDs With 2nd Gen XL-FLASH MLC, Up To 13.5 GB/s Transfer Speed

During the China Flash Summit 2023, KIOXIA took the stage to announce its next-gen Enterprise SSDs that will utilize the PCIe Gen 5 & 2nd Gen XL-Flash MLC.

KIOXIA's Next-Gen Enterprise SSDs Get XL-FLASH MLC, PCIe Gen 5.0 & Up To 13.5 GB/s Transfer Speeds

KIOXIA revealed that the next-generation CM and FL series products based on the latest Gen 5 NVMe SSD standard will be coming out this year and deliver a 26x improvement in performance compared to the SATA III-based HK6 drives from 2016. The SSDs will utilize the second generation of FLC Flash memory technology known as XL-FLASH.

Chairman of Kioxia Electronics, Mr. Okamoto Chengyuki, and Chief Technology Officer Mr. Liu Maozhi brought Kioxia's PCIe 5.0 SSD: CM7, whose sequential reading speed can reach 14.1GB/s, and SCM-level products, based on MLC flash memory technology The second-generation XL FLASH products of the company not only adopt PCIe 5.0 technology, but also have a huge improvement in random read and write performance.

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While the PCIe Gen 5 CM7 SSD lineup has already been released (demo here), KIOXIA is now focusing on its next-generation FL-Series SSDs which utilize a low latency, high endurance KIOXIA XL-FLASH Storage Class Memory (SCM). KIOXIA has shared some numbers which show sequential read speeds of up to 13.5 GB/s, sequential write speeds of up to 9.7 GB/s, Random Read IOPS rated around 3,000,000 and Random Write IOPS rated around 1,060,000 IOPS. The company is also stating that the new FLASH will deliver lower read latency with a 7% reduction (27ms vs 29ms).


One interesting slide shared by KIOXIA reveals that the PCIe Gen 5 standard would run from 2023 till the end of 2025. By 2026, SSDs and drives based on the newest PCIe Gen 6 standard should be expected which is around the same time as the CXL 3.0 standard would become a commonplace in the enterprise and data center segment.

KIOXIA states that they are definitely going to target their PCIe Gen 6.0 aggressively and will be the first to release products based on the new protocol. Since 2026 is years away, we will see if that's the case. KIOXIA competes in the flash segment with the likes of Samsung. Intel Optane was a big opponent but that is no longer the case since Chipzilla has abandoned that segment entirely.

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