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MultiVersus Tier List – The Strongest of the MultiVerse


Following the closed alpha test and the open beta early access period, MultiVersus is now available to the public on PC and consoles, complete with cross-play and cross-progression support that allow players to enjoy the game on any platform together with all their friends and without losing any progress.

The platform fighter developed by Player First Games has been available to the public for over a week. While the game feels quite balanced, some characters are considerably better than the others in 1 versus 1 and 2 versus 2 and free-for-all modes, so those who want the best shot at winning in a highly competitive setting will need to pick between a few strong characters. As with any fighting game, it's not impossible to win at a high level with any character, only that the tools that low-tier characters have or do not have make it more difficult for them to win if the players' skills are evenly matched.

Like every tier list, ours is subjective, going over the characters' strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with those of the rest of the cast. MultiVersus is also going to be updated in the future, and with both new characters and balance changes coming in the future, we expect things to shift quite a bit in the coming months.

1 Versus 1, Free-For-All Tier List


S-tier characters are the best characters in the game, capable of controlling space almost perfectly while having an answer for every situation. They are:

  • Batman (Bruiser)
  • Bugs Bunny (Mage/Ranged)
  • Finn (Assassin)
  • Harley Quinn (Assassin)
  • Superman (Tank)


Batman is undoubtedly among the best characters in MultiVersus, and the changes made to the character over the closed alpha made him move up the tier list quite a bit. The Dark Knight comes with the amazing mobility granted by his Bat-Grapple, and excellent ground and air control with Batslide and Batarangs, allowing him to hit the opponents hard, no matter their position. Most of his attacks also have great kill potential, letting him knock opponents off the stage even at low damage with the correct positioning. He is one of the deadliest Bruisers in all of the game.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is one of the most chaotic characters in MultiVersus. His ranged playstyle requires good positioning, but even those who are not that good at zoning the opponent can do well with him, thanks to his wide array of ranged attacks that can essentially prevent the opponents from even getting close, such as his neutral special, which spawns a safe that can be launched at the opponent, and his air side special that unleashes an unpredictable rocket. Even if the opponent manages to get in Bugs Bunny's face, he can easily escape with wise use of the down special attack, allowing him to burrow underground and move around while fully invincible. Cooldown for the safe and the rocket prevent players from abusing these attacks, but even without them, Bugs Bunny is a force to be reckoned with.


While many characters in MultiVersus have great mobility, Finn is unbeatable in this regard. The Adventure Time hero has great movement speed and can buff it with his down special. While he does need coins for his buffs, this is not exactly a problem, considering how easily he can gain them by attacking opponents. Finn's excellent kit is rounded up by his up special, which comes with plenty of active frames that can stuff poorly timed dodges, and his down normal, which can combo with the basic side normal string at low damage. It also has great range; combined with his speed, it means Finn is extremely good at covering the ground.

Harley Quinn

No character in MultiVersus can beat Harley Quinn when it comes to damage potential. She can control the match easily with Stuffie Bat, which can go off when the player chooses to set up combos and make the opponent wary. Additionally, her fantastic speed and great air attacks make her a combo monster, and in the right hands, she can deal tons of damage in just a single combo. Her only downside are her specials, which are generally not that great outside of the already mentioned Stuffie Bat.


Superman is among the best Tanks in MultiVersys, thanks to his great ground and air control. While slower than most of the cast, he makes up for his average speed with multiple armored moves that let him attack the opponent and get away with getting heavily punished. Superman's specials are also quite good: his neutral ground special can freeze opponents, his air down special covers way more ground than the grounded version, and his air up special has great kill potential even at low damage.

His air side special is a little slow, but if used right, it's a great tool to send opponents off the stage. Being a Tank, Superman is also very hard to kill, making him one of the best characters in the game, although the worst in the S-tier, since he needs to be controlled by an experienced player to unleash his potential.


A-tier characters are powerful characters who can more than hold their own in a fight but are not as universally good as the S-tier characters. However, they're very close to them and are a good choice for any competitive player. They are:

  • Arya Stark (Assassin)
  • Jake (Bruiser)
  • Shaggy (Bruiser)
  • Taz (Bruiser)
  • Wonder Woman (Tank)

Arya Stark

Arya Stark is just one step below being S-tier simply because she is much more challenging to use than the S-tier characters. Her amazing speed lets her control the stage easily, and her powerful attacks deal tons of damage. Still, it can be difficult to use the character to her full potential due to her counterattack-based playstyle, which demands perfect positioning and timing. Like S-tier characters, she has an answer to every situation, even to armored moves, though they require knowledge and skill to be truly effective.


Jake, much like Finn, is a great character and one of the most unique Bruisers in the game. Like in Adventure Time, he is quite small, so he can be difficult to hit when moving. Many of his attacks have amazing range and let him hit opponents safely from a decent distance, the only Bruiser capable of doing so effectively. His normals also have awesome combo potential, making him one of the hardest-hitting Bruisers in the game. Sadly, he is also much lighter than the other Bruisers in MultiVersus, meaning that he can be sent flying easily at lower damage.


Shaggy is among the most balanced characters in MultiVersus, so much so that he feels like the game's poster boy, like Mario in the Smash series and Ryu in Street Fighter. While this type of character is usually one that is good at everything but excels at none, Shaggy manages to be better than most of the MultiVersus current cast due to how easy he is to use but also thanks to his damage and kill potential. His side special, the flying kick, can cover a lot of ground, his air normals are great to knock opponents off-stage, his down normal can be charged to break armor and can be easily followed up by another to apply the Slow debuff, and his Rage mechanics turn his specials into early kill moves. While good for both beginners and veterans, his somewhat straightforward playstyle can make him predictable, so those with plenty of match-up experience will have no trouble effectively countering his strategies.


Taz is MultiVersus' most infamous character and one that most players have complained about since the closed alpha, mostly due to his side special Taz-Nado, a special tornado move that has great range and could become even more deadly in 2 versus 2, as the tornado's duration gets increased every time Taz passes by an ally, giving them a Fast Movement buff as well. The move's kill potential has since been nerfed, but even so, Taz remains a solid character thanks to his ability to deal Tasty, which turns opponents temporarily into defenseless chickens, and to some of his moves, like his up normal which let Taz move while charging, and down normal which has good range with charge and the ability to break armor. The character, however, has limited options in the air, so he has a hard time against characters that always want to stay in the air.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most interesting Tanks in MultiVersus. While Tanks are generally slower and meant for more defensive play, Wonder Woman has no trouble being on the frontlines. Her defensive and supportive options make her deadly in certain situations. Her down special, Defense of the Gods, summons a shield for both her and her nearest ally that reduces damage and knockback for the next attack while also increasing her Brace Meter when hit, which enhances her offensive capabilities, making it possible to knock out opponents with damage barely above 100. Her neutral special, Lasso of Truth, is also great at controlling the ground, and her aerial moves come out quickly and are great for pressuring opponents.

Her side special, Warrior's Charge, makes her great against projectile users, as she can act again if her shield destroys a projectile while charging the Brace Meter, making her a solid counterpick for characters with projectile-heavy playstyles. The only thing keeping her away from S Tier is the cooldown for both the Lasso of Truth and Defense of the Gods, which prevents her from using some of her most useful tools often, an issue that most S-tier characters do not have.


B-tier characters can do some things reasonably well but generally lack an answer for every situation, making mastering them more difficult to use effectively than S and A-tier characters. They are:

  • Steven Universe (Support)
  • Tom and Jerry (Mage/ Ranged)
  • Velma (Support)

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a very difficult character to rank for 1 versus 1. Like S and A tier characters, he is highly versatile and has an answer for every type of situation: he has great ground control with his horizontal attacks and the ability to place shields on the battlefield, which has both offensive and defensive applications. He is also decent in the air, can combo surprisingly well, and can even play as a tank. Unfortunately, he is extremely frail, and he is very easy to knock off the stage, meaning that Steven Universe players have to play perfectly in 1 versus 1 to win, especially against characters with oppressive offense or that excellent stage control. However, with some improvements to his durability, he could become an A tier or even above.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry, like Bugs Bunny, are ranged characters that must be played from long range to be used to their full potential. Unlike everyone's favorite rabbit, however, Tom and Jerry's long-range abilities are somewhat situational, requiring excellent knowledge of the game's mechanics and cast to be used effectively. Once mastered. However, Tom and Jerry are a force to be reckoned with, as their attacks have amazing combo potential, and the ability to aim their projectile attacks independently makes them great at attacking opponents, no matter where they are.


Like all Support characters in MultiVersus, Velma has a hard time in 1 versus 1, but, in the right hands, she has more than a fighting chance. Playing like a Mage character, Velma's projectiles are very good, applying debuffs to opponents. Some of her attacks have big hitboxes that linger after the attack is done, meaning that she can control the ground pretty decently. As many of her moves lack range, she has to play from a distance, which can be hard to do in 1 versus 1.

C Tier

C-tier characters are characters whose potential is heavily limited by some traits, making them far less optimal in 1 versus 1 than other characters. They are

  • Garnet (Bruiser)
  • Iron Giant (Tank)
  • Reindog (Support)


Garnet is, alongside Shaggy, one of the most straightforward Bruisers in MultiVersus, but unlike the characters from Scooby-Doo, the Steven Universe's character doesn't have an answer to every situation. This doesn't make her a completely bad character, though: her normal attacks pack quite a punch and have tons of combo potential, and her moveset lets her cover the ground and even the air decently enough. She is not as well regarded as Shaggy because she doesn't really have much going on other than a relatively solid moveset. A great character to learn the game, but one that could struggle heavily in high-level play.

Iron Giant

Iron Giant is the first character in MultiVersus that made his debut in the open beta. Conceptually, it is a very interesting Tank that uses its massive size to overwhelm opponents and defend itself. In practice, however, the character is extremely limited for 1 versus 1, as his huge size makes it an extremely easy target. One of its strongest tools, Rage Mode, is also much harder to activate in 1 versus 1, as it needs to deal damage to opponents to build up the meter. If it does manage to activate it, it gets Gray Health and knockback immunity, making Iron Giant much more dangerous, but only for a short amount of time. Iron Giant also cannot double jump. To fly, it needs to consume fuel, which is also required for some of his attacks, forcing players to manage an additional resource that lets it do things other characters can normally do without limitations. For these reasons, Iron Giant is one of the worse characters in MultiVersus when it comes to 1 versus 1.


Being a Support character, Reindog really struggles in 1 versus 1. His offensive capabilities are nothing to write home about in terms of combo and kill potential, his ranged attacks, while decent, cannot be spammed over and over due to the Attack Decay mechanics, and the traits that set him apart are great only in 2 versus 2, such as Love Leash, which can be used to tether an ally and let them go on the offensive safely even off-stage. Given his design, only a major reworking of Reindog will move the character up the 1 versus 1 tier list.

To Be Determined

LeBron James

LeBron James (Bruiser) is the latest addition to the MultiVersus roster, and his position on the tier list is hard to determine at the time. With his basketball-focused combos, the character is extremely good in the air, so he is definitely among the top ten characters in the game. Being dependant on his ball for his most damaging combos and not being that great on the ground, however, is likely to prevent him from entering the S-tier, as the best characters in MultiVersus have none of these limitations.

2 Versus 2 Tier List

The 2 versus 2 tier list for MultiVersus doesn't look that different from the 1 versus 1 and free-for-all tier list. Characters that are strong by themselves are just as good in teamplay, while Support characters move up the tier list, essentially removing the C tier. Steven Universe, for example, becomes a solid A character, especially if paired with great tanks like Wonder Woman, who can make up for his low health shortcoming. Tom and Jerry also move up to the low A tier, as they do not have to worry that much about defense and setting up combos by themselves with the right companions. Velma also moves up a tier since her projectile-focused playstyle can be used to buff allies and debuff opponents. Iron Giant and Reindog move to B tier, although Reindog is slightly above the huge robot, especially when paired with a Bruiser thanks to Love Leash, which lets them go on the offensive even more, especially off stage.

And this is it for our MultiVersus tier list. Feel like one of the characters is in the wrong tier? Let us know in the comments below.

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