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New OLED Panels For Future iPad Pro Models Said To Be In Development, Rumor Claims These Displays Are More ‘Brittle’ Than Flexible

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A display transition from Apple’s side will reportedly happen next year, switching from mini-LED to OLED for two iPad Pro models. According to one tipster, the technology giant has kicked off development, but the panels for the upcoming tablets will be quite different than the ones used for iPhones.

New OLED panels for upcoming iPad Pro models will not be the ‘flexible’ variant, as those featured on iPhones

There has been a torrent of April Fool’s related posts, especially related to the technology sector, but it looks like ShrimpApplePro is not playing any prank, as he provides an update regarding Apple’s next iPad Pro models. Apparently, there are four prototypes in development, with the tablets sporting a display size of 11 inches and 13 inches. The larger version is likely the 12.9-inch model, so the figure ‘13’ is probably just the tipster rounding it off.

However, Apple is not rumored to use the same flexible OLED technology that it employs on its iPhones. Instead, it will shift to the brittle version, or in other words, rigid OLED screens. These displays are not unheard of in the industry and are used in a variety of high-end smartphones, such as Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 lineup. The advantage for the company is that rigid OLED technology is cheaper to mass produce, but there were reports of users experiencing terrible viewing angles.

In Apple’s case, it has been rumored to incorporate hybrid OLED technology on the iPad Pro models so that these do not give off a ‘wrinkled’ look. The technology giant is also said to have partnered with Samsung to mass produce two-stack tandem OLED panels for these devices, which will end up making them more expensive but offer a longer lifespan. Naturally, there is some confusion in the details of ShrimpApplePro’s tweet, though he does mention that such panels will not have an outer glass.

Whether or not the iPad Pro’s OLED properties remain consistent with the tipster’s latest tweet, we have reported that these units will shoot up the price by 80 percent compared to the latest flagship tablets, making future releases more expensive than some MacBook models. Whatever Apple intends on using, we will see it in action next year, and we will probably get some clarity then about this tweet, so stay tuned.

Written by Omar Sohail

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