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Nothing Phone 1 Shows Up in a Video and It Glows

Nothing Phone 1 Shows Up in a Video and It Glows

It has been less than a day since we saw Nothing Phone 1 in an official image by the company now we have a video showing the phone that actually glows and looks rather cool.

Nothing decided to hold a surprise event for Nothing Phone 1 in Switzerland and gave a sneak peek to a few journalists so they can look at the phone.

The Nothing Phone 1 Glows From the Back and it is Actually Cool

A video that has been shared by German tech journalist and YouTuber Rafael Zeier shows the Nothing Phone 1 sitting inside an enclosure. Sadly, we still do not see the actual front of the device but we now know that certain areas of the device actually glow and light up. The ring around the camera module along with some other components on the top and the bottom, it actually leaves with a rather cool effect, and you can check it out below.

At the moment, we are not sure why the components glow on the Nothing Phone 1, but it is highly possible that these can be used for notification or call alerts. Notification LEDs have become a thing of the past and very few phones actually bring them; sure phones like the Galaxy S series phones have features such as edge lighting but that is not something that is a dedicated lighting function.

At the time of writing, we are not sure about the functionality of these LED lights and we are also not sure if they are actually going to be customizable. But hey, it is still a good feature.

We will be finding out more about the Nothing Phone 1 in the coming months and will keep you posted as we get more information on the phone.

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