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The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 Breakthrough Giveaway

The Cycle: Frontier Season 3

This week, German game studio YAGER Development (Spec Ops: The Line, Dreadnought) released Season 3 'Breakthrough' for its PvPvE first-person extraction shooter game The Cycle: Frontier.

To celebrate the event, we've partnered with YAGER to give away a hundred codes that will give players access to the following in-game items:

  • 1x Blue Scarab MKII (new Season 3 weapon)
  • 1x Blue Shield
  • 1x Blue Backpack
  • 1x Blue Helmet
  • Dove Banner
  • Clap Emote

The codes will be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you've collected yours, follow this procedure to activate them within The Cycle: Frontier.

1. Launch the game client and log in to the game (Steam or EGS).
2. In the Prospect Station, go to the in-game shop. Note that you need to complete the tutorial before you can do this.
3. Press "R" on your keyboard or click on the hint displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen when you are in the shop.
4. In the pop-up menu "Redeem code" type or copy-paste your code and click "Redeem".
5. You should receive a confirmation screen with the items that have been added to your account.
6. Your items are now available in the Delivery Station. Go to Player Quarters and accept the package in the Delivery station.

The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 Breakthrough Giveaway

YAGER Development made several notable changes and additions to The Cycle: Frontier with Season 3 Breakthrough. First of all, there will be no more wipes moving forward, allowing players to focus on perpetual character progression. There's a new insect-like flying monster, the Howler, that prospectors may encounter during their expeditions on Fortuna. It also comes with a new activity, Howler Nests, where players can rummage through the monster's eggs in the hopes of finding nice loot.

Free loadout runs have been introduced, providing newcomers with a decent beginner's loadout. The economy has been retuned; two new weapons have been added (MKI and MKII); NVIDIA DLSS 3 is now available for owners of GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards.

Looking to the future of The Cycle: Frontier, in a recent interview with Wccftech, YAGER Producer Matt Lightfoot said that the studio would like to switch to Unreal Engine 5 from the current build of the game (based on Unreal Engine 4). The implementation of other PC upscaling technologies like AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution and/or Intel XeSS have been discussed, too. However, Lightfoot didn't have a clear timeframe on when those might be added to the game.

Written by Alessio Palumbo

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