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This Galaxy Z Fold 5 Concept Has No Gaps In Between The Display, Folds Like A Proper Book, And Is Thinner Than The Galaxy Z Fold 4

Galaxy Z Fold 5

For four generations now, including the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung has opted for a design that shows a gap in the handset when it is completely folded. Thankfully, the latest Galaxy Z Fold 5 concept can give the Korean giant some ideas on where to take its next foldable flagship in terms of its exterior.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 concept shows flat sides with large cameras, mimicking the Galaxy S23

If you want to see a foldable smartphone that has a near-perfect design when it closes like a book, Technizo Concept has the ideal video for you below. We believe that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 concept takes some ideas from Apple’s list, as the device shown in the YouTube clip features flatter sides than Samsung’s earlier foldable smartphone releases. There are also no sharp, pointed corners like the ones seen on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, so overall, we appreciate the ideas revealed in this concept.

Of course, the biggest improvement seen in this Galaxy Z Fold 5 concept is the elimination of that gap, and according to earlier reports, Samsung aims to incorporate this very change in the actual device. As a consumer, it can be easy thing to nitpick that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 should have a ‘gap-less’ design. Samsung has likely thought about this change for years, but from the company’s end, it is years of efforts in research, prototyping, and actually bringing a finished product to the market, all of which cost millions of dollars.

The myriad of challenges experienced with this design would be one reason why Apple is yet to launch a foldable iPhone, and after five iterations of seeing Galaxy Z Fold members on the market, we can see why. Another change we spotted in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the reduced thickness, giving it a sleek and attractive look. Xiaomi experimented with this aesthetic when it launched the Mi MIX Fold 2 last year.

Cosmetically, critics praised the look, but it had one glaring issue; the weak hinge could not hold one-half of the Mi MIX Fold 2’s display at an angle, which is an issue that Samsung may look to avoid when it officially launches the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The concept also appears to have taken some design inspiration from the Galaxy S23’s backside, with three large camera sensors placed at the rear giving the concept smartphone some seriously upgraded optics.

Of course, with the exception of the ‘gap-less’ display, we do not believe that Samsung will take every design cue from this concept, but it is a start. Hopefully, the starting price will also drop so that such foldable handsets become a more mainstream consumer item.

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