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Yeedi Introduces the Oscillating Mopping System, Five Times Faster Than Manual Mopping

yeedi vac robot

Yeedi brings the Oscillating Mopping System to the consumers with the release of Yeedi Vac 2 Pro. While manual mopping is known to be useless and painful, the Oscillating Mopping System follows the pattern and breaks the speed.

The system is actually inspired by the manual motion pattern, moving back and forth to mimic manual mopping, but with more speed (at least 5 times faster!) to result in cleaner, stain-free floors faster. This means unlike the regular smart vacuum cleaners that slap a rag on the bottom of a water tank to just drag a wet cloth across the floors, yeedi vac 2 pro imitates actual human mopping but makes it better by doing it 5x faster for a better, deeper clean.

The industry has seen another mopping system being introduced through smart vacuum cleaners. Known as the Sonic Mopping System, this type of mopping system scrubs the floors up to 3,000 times per minute. Sonic Mopping System is able to remove dried dirt and stains within seconds.

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The smart cleaning industry is fast embracing new technologies and developing features that are truly transforming how home cleaning was done just a few years ago.

yeedi vac 2 pro not only comes packed with these advanced features like the Oscillating Mopping System and 3D Obstacle Avoidance but it is also priced in the mid-range to be able to reach more homes. This vacuum and mop combo may come in an accessible price bracket but it still brings advanced features seen in models out of its league.

Some of these features include a large 420ml dustbin, 240ml water tank, 3000Pa suction power, and a massive 5200mAh battery.

yeedi vac 2 pro

With its 3D structured light technology (the same tech that Apple uses for Face lD), the yeedi robot can measure the length, height, and width of obstacles that are in its way to cleverly dodge them. However, yeedi will not avoid obstacles that are less than 3cm because then the robot can skip floor mats, which can lead to missed spots.

Along with these high-tech features, yeedi vac 2 pro also comes with other necessary features like carpet detection, Smart Visual Mapping & Navigation, and an even optional auto dump feature (compatible with yeedi self-empty station).

yeedi plans to deliver two updates in the future, making yeedi vac 2 and vac 2 pro even more useful. The first OTA update, scheduled for June, will introduce the room merge/split feature to the smart vacuum cleaner. The next update that is scheduled for this August will enable users to store multiple floor maps simultaneously.

Head over to this link to get the brand new yeedi vac 2 pro.

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