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‘Diablo IV’ Drops a Detailed Gameplay Trailer and Announces 2023 Release

With Microsoft's imminent acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the developer naturally presented its upcoming titles during the Xbox showcase this year, including a brand new developer gameplay trailer for the long-awaited Diablo IV. Unlike previous titles in the massively popular franchise, Diablo IV will take the game in a new direction, opting for an open-world setting in contrast to the more on-rails, narrative-driven approach from before.

Character customization has also been extensively fleshed out so you'll have more options to play around with while your play style can also be toggled and set to your preference through a variety of new and different skill sets. As with most other open-world titles, you'll also be able to clear out certain areas of enemies, turning them into allied zones to facilitate trade and game progression. Of course, there'll also be PvP elements in Diablo IV, which will take place in special zones in the world map you can travel to.

While no specific release date has been announced just yet, Blizzard expects to launch Diablo IV sometime in 2023.

In other gaming news, Nioh and Ninja Gaiden developer Team Ninja has unveiled its latest project: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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