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‘Digimon Survive’ Gets an English Trailer Announcing Official Release Dates

After several rounds of delays, Bandai Namco Entertainment has finally announced the official release dates for Digimon Survive via a new English trailer. Now slated for release in late July, the upcoming visual novel and strategy game hybrid will first release in Japan followed by the rest of the globe a day after, arriving on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While there won't be enhanced performance versions for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, the newer platforms will also support the game, so those on current-gen systems won't have to worry.

As for the game itself, Digimon Survive is predominantly a tactical strategy game combined with visual novel elements of storytelling that follows the adventures of junior-high-school student Takuma Momozuka and his companions as they get transported to the digital world whilst on a school camping trip. The game will span 12 chapters that branch out into three main categories: Morality, Harmony and Rage. Each is said to last roughly 40 hours and all combine to feature 113 different Digimon which players will eventually get to recruit and fight with.

For the Digimon fans out there, Digimon Survive will launch in Japan on July 28, followed by a global release on July 29.

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