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‘Elden Ring’ Fan Demake for the Gameboy Is Now Playable for Free

Since its launch to massive popularity back in February this year, FromSoftware's Elden Ring has received a whole host of fan-made mods, including making Thomas the Tank Engine as a boss fight and turning your character into Darth Vader, but now the game has finally offered its biggest twist yet: a classic Gameboy demake. Created by Redditor Shintendo, the new demake converts the massive open-world RPG into a top-down adventure game in the Gameboy's iconic 8-bit graphics, with an accompanying soundtrack that will surely immerse you into the Lands Between.

Of course, it'd be impossible to bring over the vast scale of Elden Ring into the demake, so Shintendo streamlined most of the story's main elements into a more playable experience on the platform.

If you're an Elden Ring fan as well and want to try out the demake, you can play it now for free on PC over on its website. Alternatively, you can also download it for a Gameboy emulator or the Analog Pocket.

Elsewhere in gaming, the remastered version of 1997's Blade Runner is finally here.

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