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‘Elden Ring’ To Receive Seamless Co-Op Mod This Friday

FromSoftware's action role-playing video game Elden Ring will receive a seamless co-op mod created by well-known modder LukeYui this Friday.

While Elden Ring has previously integrated multiplayer modes into gameplay in a limited capacity, the new co-op mod will allow players to engage in a true multiplayer experience. According to Forbes, the mod will let players team up for combat across the game, ride horses through maps, share progression and items, vote for fast travel and turn on a "friendly fire" mode for more chaos. Additionally, the updated gameplay allows players to spectate with other players when they've died in a boss fight.

The mod will support up to four players in one party, and notably, enemies will become more difficult in battle with more players. Users will be able to use other mods, though all players in one party must have them active in order to make them visible.

The true co-op mod will be available on Nexus Mods this Friday, May 27, for the game's PC version. According to a Q&A posted by LukeYui, the mod will not get players banned from the FromSoftware multiplayer services as it does not connect to the matchmaking servers or use the anti-cheat.

Watch a demo of the gameplay above.

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