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Evercade Debuts New Cartridge-Based Handheld Gaming Console

Evercade has launched its latest device, a retro-inspired handheld gaming console. Called EXP, the new piece of hardware is inspired by the company’s 2020 original version.

The EXP offers full support for the Evercade cartridge catalog of over 300 different games, ranging from 8-bit to Atari. The device will also come with its own bonus content, which will be announced this September.

In EXP’s new TATE Mode, gamers can turn their device 90-degrees and play arcade shooting games using specially dedicated buttons.

Features a high-resolution screen, the EXP brings visual clarity and brightness to age-old titles. The screen is also covered with tempered glass.

The device has a battery life of four to five hours, stereo speakers and a 4-gigabyte memory capacity. It also includes a headphone jack and WiFi for easy updates.

Evercade is unique in that it sells its cartridges in box sets. EXP will retail with Evercade’s IREM Arcade 1 cartridge collection.

In other gaming news, Nexon has released a game trailer for DNF Duel online mode.

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