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‘Gotham Knights’ Drops a First Look at Robin’s Teleporting Gameplay

Earlier in the year, Warner Bros. Games released an in-depth look at both Nightwing and Red Hood's gameplay for Gotham Knights and now, the studio has finally followed up with a trailer featuring Tim Drake's Robin. Much like Nightwing's Flying Trapeze and Red Hood's newfound Soul Energy abilities, Robin is also getting an upgrade in the way he fights, although it comes more like the former's technological upgrade than the latter's rediscovery of special talents.

As you'll see in the trailer up above, Drake manages to tap into the satellites the Justice League uses for teleportation, allowing him to transport himself across short distances instantaneously, much like the "blink" effects found in numerous MOBA titles.

With an already acrobatic fighting style, the new mechanic elevates Robin's gameplay even further, allowing you to perform almost superhuman feats while you fight crime in the midst of a dark and grimy Gotham City. Of course, he'll also have a range of other gadgets such as his signature staff, an exploding hologram, and a cheeky slingshot.

For the DC Comics and Batman fans out there, Gotham Knights will arrive on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on October 25.

In other gaming news, Square Enix has unveiled a new Final Fantasy-styled farming simulator called Harvestella.

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