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‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Offers Glimpse Into the Dark Arts Through Sebastian Sallow

Though there's still some time to go before the February, 2023 release of Hogwarts Legacy, the team at Avalanche Software has now offered fans of the Harry Potter franchise a glimpse into the game's exploration of the Dark Arts. Featured in the trailer above, Hogwarts Legacy will introduce players to Sebastian Sallow and the Sallows, described as a mysterious family who has ties with the dark side of the wizarding world.

Of course, Sebastian himself belongs to the house of Slytherin, and his companion quest line will be optional for those who wish to look into the void. "Should you choose to befriend Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow, you will be faced with the decision to embrace or reject the Dark Arts as you uncover his family’s mystery through his companion quest line," the new trailer says. "Will you choose to learn this dark magic?"

Avalanche also released a deep dive into its gameplay back in March with a 15-minute video showcasing some of Hogwarts Legacy's story elements as well as its open-world design and the myriad of activities you'll be able to engage in, including learning spells, crafting potions, exploring the legendary school's countless hallways, and confronting the forces of evil.

For fans of the magical world of Harry PotterHogwarts Legacy arrives on February 10, 2023.

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